Careful! It is important that you do this with your router these days or the WiFi will go bad

Keeping the router in perfect condition is essential for the Internet connection to work well. However, sometimes weather conditions can cause the device to not work as it should. It is what happens when it is very hot, something that can increase if you make certain mistakes. Therefore, we are going to give you some recommendations for these days of heat wave in Spain, so that you router works perfect and do not have problems with the WiFi.

What happens if the router gets very hot? The first thing is that it can start to work worse, with a slower connection. This can happen to any device that overheats. But it can even get blocked and stop working. This can especially happen if you have an old router. You would have to restart it, so that the processes are reset, although the problem could return.

Tips so that the router does not get hot

It’s not complicated prevent the router from getting hot in excess. Rather, what you should do is avoid making certain mistakes. We are going to give you some basic tips that you can apply these days so that your Internet connection works as well as possible. What we are going to look for is to avoid problems in the quality of the network.

move it away from the wall

The first, and most basic, is to locate it correctly. Do not put it attached to the wall, or to a piece of furniture. The idea is that air can pass through, that it can “breathe” as well as possible. If you stick it to the wall a lot, for example, it’s going to accumulate more heat there and it will not refrigerate properly. That can make it work worse in the short term, but also affect the components in the long term.

Separate it a bit, leave room for air to pass through. It is the same as you would do with any other device you have at home. Never put it too close to an object or other device that can also generate heat.

Avoid covering it

Of course, you shouldn’t cover it either. And this is a mistake that many people make. Due to lack of space, because they think that nothing really happens, it is not uncommon to see people who put a book on top of the router, some decoration or even another device to take advantage of that available space and think that it looks good.

But all this is a mistake. you should never put things on top of the router, nor cover it in any way. Once again, what you should look for is that the air passes as well as possible and avoid excessive overheating on these hottest days.

Try to raise it

Sometimes raising the router a bit can help accumulate less heat. It is true that, generally, they have small supports so that they rise slightly. But if you notice that it accumulates excessive heat, you could always find a way to raise it a little more so that the air passes better.

Something very simple is to use four bottle caps. Only with that, you are going to keep it somewhat higher. Make sure they fit as well as possible and you’re done. You can also use any other object that can help raise it up a bit.

Beware of the windows

An important mistake is to put the router near a window. On very hot days, receiving direct sunlight is not a good idea. That will make it get very hot and you will notice that it starts to work worse or even blocks. Therefore, avoid direct sunlight and change its location.

Ideally, it should be in a cool area of ​​the house, although this is not always possible. If you see that with everything we have shown the temperature does not drop and it continues to have problems, what you could do is install a small fan. You can connect it to the router’s USB port, if it has one. They are fans that are sold for laptops, mainly.

In short, as you can see, it is key take good care of the router in these hot days. It is necessary that you take certain precautionary measures so that the temperature does not rise excessively. The objective is to ensure that the operation is optimal and that the heat wave does not affect it.

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