Carlos Soto is the new director of Corus’ processes and business development area

Corus strengthens its staff and creates a new area, which will be led by Carlos Soto Pinointended for analysis and definition of business processes and strategy.

Carlos Soto has extensive experience as a facilitator of business transformation through process management and business model innovation. Along with him, a large team of professionals has joined, who make up a high performance area and training in business processes and strategy.

With a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Carlos Soto began working as a consultant specializing in the design and innovation of business processes to later occupy different leadership and management positions.

Since 2009 he has been a founding partner and director of argosbpm, from where he has focused on maximize value and performancee organizations through the strategic potential and value of business processes. Currently, she collaborates with different universities and business schools in the dissemination of governance practices, process management, and change management.

Innovate fast and grow in uncertain times

“One of the main challenges that companies face is to orient their processes and their strategy to be able to innovate faster and grow in uncertain times”, indicates Rubén Cortés, IT Director at Corus. “The commitment to high added value services is one of the hallmarks of our company. For this reason, we have created this new area and put in charge of it one of the professionals with the greatest and most recognized professional experience in aligning business processes with strategy, people and information technologies in different sectors, who They range from banking, to industry, through distribution and services”, says Cortés.

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“The need to advance in the digital transformation and incorporate new services and products makes it increasingly important to define a clear strategy and, above all, the implementation in the organization of processes aligned with that strategy. Both people and information systems must quickly adapt to new market demands”. comments Carlos Soto.

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