Casualties begin for the MWC in Barcelona: Sony will not attend

Despite the fact that just a few days ago the GSMA, organizer of the MWC, that will hold its 2022 edition in Barcelona in a few weeks, assured that there would be no problem due to the increase in infections caused by the Omicron variant of COVID-19 for the face-to-face edition of the fair, the technology companies do not seem to have them all with them. And to show a button: the first low has already occurred, and Sony has confirmed that it will not be in its face-to-face edition.

Sony’s resignation to attend the Mobile World Congress is a bit surprising, since the company has finally participated in the CES a few days ago. However, from the GSMA they assure EFE that they did not plan for Sony to attend the event, in which it has not participated since its last face-to-face edition in 2019.

In addition, as Cadena Ser points out, the company has not associated its refusal to participate in the event with the situation caused by the pandemic. He has only stated that there are more and more opportunities for companies in the digital field. Nor will it give up presenting its novelties when the fair is about to be held, or during it. Only it will be in digital format. Of course, from Sony they have not announced whether or not they will participate in the online version of the event.

Meanwhile, Nokia has stated that for the time being it will participate in the face-to-face edition of MWC 2022, but without ruling out evaluating its decision later. Thus, if the current situation worsens, it is possible that you rethink your decision and finally decide not to attend the fair in person. It is unknown for now if there are more companies that are waiting to see how the situation evolves to confirm their presence or focus solely on the online format of the event.

Meanwhile, the organizers of the MWC reaffirm that the face-to-face edition of the fair will take place in person, during the last days of February, despite the fact that infections have not yet begun to decrease. The GSMA ensures that he will only change his plans if the authorities demand it.

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