ONiAd, the Spanish startup is consolidated as a benchmark in programmatic advertising

The programmatic advertising platform, ONiAd is a Spanish startup that is part of the group Nurse tech. The company has become a benchmark in the sector and lays the foundations to continue expanding its business internationally.

The advertising industry has undergone major changes in recent years and has faced significant challenges from the proliferation of new media with which to compete for the attention of the consumer.

Especially in times of crisis such as the one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, advertising acquires great relevance in the face of new habits and consumer behaviors. According to Kantar data, a company that stops investing in advertising for six months sees its brand awareness reduced by 36%, which also has an impact on sales. In the long term, not advertising a brand can lead to the loss of up to 20% of potential buyers in two years.

The impact of advertising It is undoubtedly key in times like today, although brands must adapt their creatives to the social and economic context. Knowing how to invest in advertising is essential, something to which programmatic advertising contributes greatly, which automatically buys advertising space taking into account key aspects such as personalization and hypergeolocation to optimize the objectives to be achieved.

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Talking about programmatic advertising is talking about ONiAd, a startup that was born with the aim of democratizing advertising and making it accessible to any SME and entrepreneur. After four years of development as a spin-off of the Arelux Group marketing department, in just 18 months it exceeded 10,000 registered customers, and currently has more than 2,000 manually verified media.

As we have said, ONiAd is part of the NODRIZA tech group, a Aragonese venture builder of technology startups that has been incorporating the best talent and the best entrepreneurs in disruptive and pioneering technology companies in their sectors for 15 years. This has also contributed greatly to the momentum of the company that today is already an international benchmark in programmatic advertising thanks to the benefits provided by its platform.

ONiAd about the benefits of programmatic advertising

ONiAd is a flexible tool open to all types of audiences, although those who bet the most on it are those who need some independence when managing their advertising campaigns, since they do not have time to learn to use complex tools nor do they have millionaire budgets.

This has a number of advantages since programmatic advertising includes many formats and ways to segment and measure your strategy and benefits With respect to other proposals such as Google or Facebook, which may present difficulties when investing in advertising because their content may be considered inappropriate and they do not cover as many media. However, ONiAd manages to reach inventories that are not present in these large platforms, being able to impact more varied formats, such as radios, televisions, DOOH or social networks.

Taking into account that programmatic advertising is a digital marketing strategy that helps brands and companies appear in the media in the that there is a greater probability of finding the target audience, And given the amount of existing online media, achieving it is easier if the purchase of advertising space is programmed through a system that works according to very specific parameters, which are what ONiAd works successfully with.

Its simplicity of use is one of the great assets it has thanks to an interface that guides the user in setting up the advertising campaign in just five steps and being able to launch it in a matter of minutes. Although it is accessible to any SME and entrepreneur, its ease of use has also attracted large multinationals that manage their advertising campaigns through this platform.

This ability to self-management, with a minimal learning curve, it offers the client control over the operation of each action and that any professional or company buy digital advertising and place their ads without the need for specific knowledge in marketing or advertising. Without economic or knowledge barriers.

In addition, ONiAd has visibility as one of its great advantages, being able to attract potential clients in the midst of so much supply and demand, as well as among the amount of inputs they receive when they surf the net. Part of its success lies in the automation it relies on to buy ad space.

Likewise, its affordability is another great attraction since it does not have registration or permanence fees, but the user decides what budget he wants to invest and at what time according to his needs. ONiAd has savings packs to get the most out of the advertising investment of the campaign. This includes specialist support and more than 70 professionals who help with campaigns at no additional cost.

This proposal allows be able to pay for each impression When a user visits the web, the possibility of carrying out a retargeting campaign, repeating the strategy to retain old users and attract new ones.

The platform also has measurement functionalities that provide real-time information on the performance of the campaigns. Automatic reports are generated with information that allow clients to make quick decisions for the benefit of their business.

It also offers support in the design of the campaign for those clients who do not have a professional or design team. Rapidbanner is a free technology design service that makes the ad in six different sizes to optimize the impact of the campaign.

Internationalization and growth

After the good results of ONiAd in Spain, the company continues with its expansion that has led it to have a presence in European markets such as Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Portugal and the United Kingdom, among others.

Once established in Europe, ONAid sets its sights on the American market after the alliance sealed last year with the Mexican Brita Inteligencia Artificial with which it begins its expansion in Latin America, Mexico and the United States. The firm trusts that more than 40% of its turnover comes from its international markets after billing one million euros in 2020 and the forecast that the figure will have doubled in 2021.

ONiAd faces 2022 with its sights set on continuing to promote its technology, new functionalities and its international expansion.

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