Cat People: the docuseries on the “cats” is on Netflix, from today

Cat People, the new docuseries of Netflix focused on cat lovers, is available from today on the video on demand platform for all subscribers.

This is a docuseries in six episodes, all freely available from today, in which different people around the world (individuals who we would define decidedly passionate about the feline world), tell how their love for cats has influenced their lives.

Cat People is available today on Netflix

For example, there are those who organize birthday parties for the cats of the house, those who have turned them into a gold mine by sharing their life on the web or those who, for some reason, own cats that “play” musical instruments. and then he thought about starting a band.

“Dogs are considered man’s best friend, but for many people cats are just as loyal companions, even if they would never admit it! Cat People explores our fascinating relationship with felines through the eyes of their owners, who share their amazing and amazing experiences. These people disprove negative stereotypes about cat cats as they reveal the fundamental truths about what it means to bond with these fiercely mysterious and independent creatures. “

Here’s the Cat People trailer:

Considering that I’m more of a dog type, I think this time I’ll pass. You let me know what Cat People is like once you see it, through a comment below.

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