ChatGPT Chrome Extensions – 6 Best Extensions

If you’re addicted to ChatGPT just like we are, then we’ve got something super cool to share – ChatGPT Chrome extensions! These will make your ChatGPT experience even better. Whether you’re a creative writer looking for inspiration or just need a buddy to chat with, these extensions have your back. Just install, type, and voila! It’s like having ChatGPT right there in your browser, ready to chat, brainstorm, or even crack a joke or two. So, buckle up, my fellow ChatGPT enthusiasts, as we dive into the wonderful world of ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

Benefits of using ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

Using ChatGPT Chrome Extensions will not just make your life easier, but there are tons of other benefits that come with them. Here are some reasons why you should start adding these extensions to your browser immediately.

Instant Access

The most important reason to start using ChatGPT Chrome Extensions is their ability to provide quick and easy access to ChatGPT’s capabilities. Once you have them onboard, all you will have to do is simply click on the extension icon and then you can start generating text, brainstorming ideas, or engaging in conversations without navigating to a separate website or application.

Enhanced Productivity

Obviously, enhancing productivity will always be the number one reason to use these ChatGPT Chrome Extensions. They can help you draft emails, write code, generate content, or even come up with creative ideas within seconds. If used correctly, these ChatGPT Extensions can prove to be a game-changer for writers, students, and professionals.

Free and User-Friendly

As we progress to the list of the best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions, you will know that most of them are free to use. These extensions also have user-friendly interfaces that take their experience up a notch for both tech-savvy individuals and those who are less familiar with AI tools.

Best ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

ChatGPT Writer

This is one of the most popular ChatGPT Chrome Extensions available in the market. ChatGPT is most commonly used by writers and bloggers to create content hence the extension’s popularity.

This extension offers real-time suggestions, helping users overcome writer’s block and enhance their writing. Irrespective of what you are working on, whether articles, essays, or emails, ChatGPT Writer provides on-the-fly assistance, making your writing more efficient and polished. Not only will ChatGPT Writer save you time, but it will also help you improve the quality of your content, allowing you to leverage ChatGPT’s prowess.


This is another one of those ChatGPT Chrome Extensions that you must with you. This extension will seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into your browser and convert the text for you and even enhance your prompts with web search results for accuracy and real-time information. Users will also be able to access a prompt library with one-click solutions and a prompt management tool for efficient task handling and add free extension adds relevant web results to your prompts to ChatGPT for more accurate and up-to-date conversations.

ChatGPT for Google Extension

The ChatGPT for Google extension simplifies access to ChatGPT by integrating it with Google search results. When you log into OpenAI through the extension, ChatGPT will become a part of your regular Google searches, replacing the traditional knowledge panel on the right.

This means that ChatGPT will help you provide responses, generate code, answer queries, and more, all directly from your search queries. You will not longer need any special prompts or additional steps – simply search for any topic on Google as you normally would, and the ChatGPT panel will display alongside your search results. This extension solves the inconvenience of ChatGPT being restricted to a single browser tab, making it easily accessible whenever you use Google.


Working with a team? We understand your pain when it comes to doing a juggling task for sharing your GPT results with your team again and again. But, no worries, we have brought you a solution. ShareGPT is an extension that will simplify your needs for content sharing and collaborating with your team in real time.

ShareGPT will allow you to share ChatGPT’s responses and even entire conversations directly with others via a fresh link. Whether you’re collaborating on a document, discussing ideas, or seeking input from team members, ShareGPT streamlines the sharing process. It’s a valuable tool for remote teams, content creators, and anyone who needs to share information quickly and efficiently. ShareGPT enhances productivity by facilitating seamless communication and collaboration with your peers.

Voice Control for ChatGPT

Voice Control for ChatGPT is an extension that allows users to bring voice command functionality to ChatGPT and allow them to interact with ChatGPT using voice commands, making it a hands-free and convenient experience. Whether you’re multitasking, on the move, or simply prefer a more natural way of interacting with AI, Voice Control for ChatGPT has you covered.

With this extension, users will be able to initiate conversations, ask questions, and request assistance from ChatGPT by simply speaking simple commands adding another layer of accessibility and flexibility to ChatGPT, making it suitable for various scenarios, including while driving, cooking, or even during presentations.

Engage AI

Want to have an AI assistant that can literally engage and talk to you? Engage AI is here for you and will allow you to inject dynamic elements into your ChatGPT interactions, making them more interactive and engaging. Users will be able to integrate elements such as polls, quizzes, surveys, and interactive forms into conversations with ChatGPT.

Engage AI’s versatility allows you to adapt ChatGPT interactions for various purposes, from educational quizzes to market research surveys. It transforms your ChatGPT sessions into engaging and informative experiences, catering to both personal and professional needs.

How to Install ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

Adding ChatGPT Chrome extensions is a straightforward process that can enhance your browsing experience. Follow these simple steps to integrate these useful tools into your Chrome browser:

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser on your Windows/MacOS device.

Step 2: Once you are on the homepage of the browser, on the extreme left of the address bar, click on the three dots. From the drop-down menu, click on the “extensions” to access the Chrome web store.

Step 3:  In the Chrome Web Store, use the search bar to look for ChatGPT extensions. You can search for specific extensions like “ChatGPT for Content Writing” or simply type “ChatGPT” to explore available options.

Step 4: Once you find what you are looking for, click on the “Add to Chrome” button. A confirmation dialog will appear; click “Add Extension” to proceed.

Step 5: You’ll only have to wait for a few seconds before the ChatGPT Chrome Extensions are added to the Chrome browser. Now you are ready to use these Chrome Extensions the way you want them!

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