Check this to see if your VPN works and avoid problems

If you are going to install a VPN, something essential is to check that it works correctly. This will save you from problems, since you may have a false feeling that you are really protected but in reality you are browsing the web normally. Therefore, in this article we are going to explain what is the main thing you should look at to know if the VPN is working well. Simply by looking at what we are going to tell you, you can rule out problems.

What to see to know if the VPN works well

you have installed a vpn program on your mobile or computer and you want to know if it really works or not. Apparently everything is correct, you have started it, but you want to know if you are browsing through their servers or if you are still connected to your normal network. You will be able to know this in a very simple way: look at what the public IP is.

With the public IP You will be able to determine if you are browsing with the network to which you are connected or through the VPN. For example, you may be connected to Wi-Fi in another country and want to connect to a VPN with servers in Spain. If you look at the public IP address, you will be able to tell if it corresponds to that country or, on the contrary, to the VPN server located in Spain.

To do this, it is as simple as looking for the public IP on the Internet. There, simply by entering, you will be able to see the IP with which you go out to the Internet. But those numbers may tell you little. What you should also look at is the Internet provider and the country, which is listed below. You can even click on the Geolocate IP button to have more precise information.

See the IP to know that the VPN works

if you see that the IP corresponds to the VPN that you are using, that would mean that you are really connected through that program. In case you see the IP of the network you are connected to, it would mean that there is something wrong and you should check it.

Tips for installing a VPN safely

But be careful, seeing that the IP corresponds to the VPN does not mean that it is secure. It is important to always use a good vpn program and not have problems on the Internet. Therefore, we are going to give you some interesting tips that you can put into practice with the aim of improving privacy and security on the Internet.

It is essential that you install only programs that are reliable. You can review comments and ratings of other users on the Internet. This way you will know if that application has any risk or is really safe. Avoid installing the first one you find on the Internet is key to not making mistakes.

You can also find out about other aspects such as where the servers are hosted or the type of encryption it uses. That is going to come in very handy to see if it is going to properly protect your data Or you may have problems. You can always export a VPN connection in Windows.

Therefore, as you can see, it is very easy to know if the VPN is working correctly and you are browsing through it. But it is also essential to always install programs that are reliable and not have any kind of problem.

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