China discovers mysterious “cabin” on the far side of the Moon

The universe is full of mysteries, such as the most recent one detected by the Chinese moon rover Yutu 2 on the far side of the Moon which was already baptized as “cabin”, An object of which more details are not yet known but which will continue to be in the sights of the scientists.

Yutu 2 detected last November a mysterious object square on the lunar horizon, as reported by the government portal “Our Space“in the social network Wechat quoted by the EFE agency.

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According to scientists at Our Space, a portal associated with the China National Space Administration (CNSA), the object is 80 meters away and the moon rover will be sent to investigate what it is.

The exploration to reach the object will take two to three months, until then more news will be given about what it really is, since it is on the far side of the Moon.

More about the Yutu 2

The lunar rover sent by China aboard the ship no manned Chang’e-4 in 2019, whose name means “jade rabbit,” began its expedition last October and will last 36 months.

Yutu 2 has six wheels, two solar panels For its food, a radar and multiple cameras to explore the hidden face of the Moon, whose natural rotation is slowed by Earth’s gravity, which means that we always see the same half, says EFE.

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Once the vehicle was taken to the moon on the Chang’e-4, Chinese experts assured that there would be “surprising discoveries” as the exploration could reveal information hidden in that part of the natural satellite little explored.


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