66% of small businesses already accept digital payments

66% of small businesses in Spain they accept digital payments, according to Visa’s Untapped report. Thus, the digital transformation has marked a turning point in the way of making purchases and many SMEs have been able to adapt to an increasingly digital consumer by introducing the digital payments in your physical and online stores. However, 34% of the SMEs surveyed still do not accept digital payments, and in a context where ecommerce continues to grow in Spain and the pre-Christmas shopping season is just around the corner, digital payments are becoming increasingly relevant. for the success of your business.

In this context and in the face of a constantly changing panorama, it is worth remembering the importance of continuing to promote digitization and payment acceptance in all businesses.

To this end, Roble Dorronsoro, responsible for Businesses and Visa Acceptance in southern Europe, explains that “The data shows that digital payments play an essential role in the growth of SME businesses, but the reality is that there are still many businesses that do not have the necessary digital maturity in these circumstances. For this reason, at Visa we continually innovate to make available new ways to accept digital payments through mobile phones and without the need for a POS such as Tap to Phone or Click to Pay technology that simplifies and speeds up the ecommerce payment experience”.

Security, among the main advantages of digitization of payments in SMEs

Security is among the main reasons that the surveyed SMEs have indicated for betting on the digitization of payments in their businesses. Specifically, 56% of SMEs that already have digital payments on their ecommerce platforms affirm that the digitization of payments It allows them to guarantee greater security and protection in purchases, since they are backed by a consolidated network and technological infrastructure.

In this regard, Roble Dorronsoro adds that “Security is essential to build consumer confidence in their purchases where Visa offers a global, fast and secure network that supports each of those payments that are made in physical and online stores.”

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On the other hand, for SMEs, digital payments also offer greater agility and ease in each payment, and according to the report, 67% of SMEs that accept card payments consider it an easier method than other means of payment.

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