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MacBook 12

One of the questions that we do not usually ask when buying a university map is which one to choose. In this sense there are a handful of options available and each one is free of charge. choose the equipment that best suits you according to your needs and your pocket. And it is that in Apple it is already known, you can spend just enough to work and that the equipment responds well, is functional and really good or spend much more and that the equipment is really a powerful and spectacular machine.

Apple computers for college

Choosing the best Apple computer for university is a somewhat complicated task and it is not easy to answer the question about which computer suits us more or less. there are many variable factors that end up determining the purchase of one piece of equipment or another.

In most cases, with the basic equipment that Apple sells, we can solve the doubt quickly, but there are also those university students who prefer somewhat more powerful equipment. In this case with the arrival of the new Apple Silicon M1 processors, the company hit the table against the disparity with the Intel. Now it is somewhat easier to choose a Mac and since they all have a power and energy efficiency to match the equipment.

Be that as it may, choosing a Mac for university can be a small headache for the student, so today we will try solve some of the doubts that exist when it comes to getting a new Mac of just over 1,000 euros to take to classes and work with him.

Mac design and weight

MacBook Pro headphone jack

The new Apple Macs have a really careful design and although the MacBook Pro models, it seems that they have gone back a bit to the past with those thicker shapes they offer a number of ports that in many cases university students do not use. That is why initially the new MacBook Pro with M1 processor would not be the recommended equipment for university students or students. This does not mean in any case that if the user wants to choose a MacBook Pro it is a bad version, rather the opposite.

In this case, the weight of the equipment and the new 16-inch equipment launched by Apple, we refer to to the 16″ MacBook Pro, it would not be the best to carry it always loaded in the backpack although the little more than two kilos of weight that it has are bearable.

If we focus on the 14-inch MacBook Pro, its weight of 1.61 kg it is somewhat more bearable but still they are not the most practical when it comes to carrying them throughout the day in a backpack or bag. We repeat, this does not have to be something that puts your purchase back in case you want to get hold of them, they are totally advisable equipment but they would not be the best MacBook for university due to size and weight.

Features of Macs with M1 processor

Apple M1 chip

In this case, the benefits of the new Macs with M1 are brutal. These new processors launched by Apple offer the user a really interesting power and autonomy ratio, so the first advice we give you is that if you can, go directly to the computers with this processor, no matter what the computer is. And it is that On the subject of updates, it is also an important asset to have the new processor inside the Mac. since in the future it will be updated for sure.

When we open the Apple website and find the MacBook Pro, it is inevitable to think of them for university these teams are really powerful and interesting when thinking about buying a Mac for university, but you always have to think about portability and the 16-inch model would not be the most recommended for it.

The rest of the MacBook Pro models, both the 13-inch and the 14-inch, can fall within these “recommended equipment” for university, although they really do not need as many ports in the end the choice for differences-price can be decisive.

The star of the university students is the MacBook Air

The new MacBook Air is faster than its predecessor

At this point we only have the MacBook Air left. This team has always been the one chosen by the students due to the low weight it has, this is 1.29 kg. The arrival of the new M1 processors made this team undoubtedly one of the best in the entire history of the MacBook Air.

Previously, the only rival it had on the table in terms of portability, features and size was also from the Cupertino company the 12-inch MacBook. Finally, that equipment was withdrawn from the market, giving way to the MacBook Air as the best option in terms of portability.

Now with the arrival of the M1 processors these MacBook Air would be for us the best equipment when taking them to university or school, for various reasons but mainly because of its large 13.3-inch (diagonal) LED screen with IPS technology, native resolution of 2,560 by 1,600 at 227 pixels, which is more than enough for most cases.

The price of the MacBook Air is one of the tightest

The price is something that also plays in favor of the MacBook Air. And it is that although it is true that the 13-inch MacBook Pro also have a price similar to that of this MacBook Air with M1 processor, which part from 1,129 euros the benefits in terms of portability are much better in the Air model. That is why it is the star when choosing a first computer for university.

Obviously everyone can choose the team they want for university but in this case many university students started with one of these teams and in the long run ended up selling them to buy a superior model. Keep in mind that Apple computers do not lose as much money as other computers, so when putting them up for sale to buy something more powerful or better, the initial investment will be rewarded.

The MacBook Air would undoubtedly be the equipment chosen by many of you for the university and It is one of the best decisions in terms of quality, power, portability and price. Then everyone chooses what suits them best, but this would be our best option for college.

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