CMON has acquired Two Little Mice, the roleplaying studio

The publishing house CMON acquired the studio of role play games Two Little Mice, Italian creator of highly regarded titles such as Broken Compass And Household.

The new reality will enhance and expand the offer of role-playing games, especially based on the universes already present in its board games, of Cool Mini Or Not.

CMON has acquired Two Little Mice, the roleplaying studio

Even more Italian will be spoken at the headquarters of CMON, a company born in the United States but currently based in Singapore. The studio created by Riccardo ‘Rico’ Sirignano and Simone Formicola, which was later joined by illustrator Daniela Giubellini. Two Little Mice is a fairly young studio, but which has already achieved great success in terms of audiences and critics.

The aforementioned Household and Broken Compass have been awarded respectively the title RPG of the Year 2019 and an Ennie Awards, with the title inspired by the great adventure stories of the Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones which can also boast the most successful in terms of funding raised on Kickstarter for an Italian GDR. The rights to these games have now passed into the hands of CMON, which obviously intends to continue their development and dissemination to reach an ever wider audience of players.

I am very proud to welcome Two Little Mice to CMON, which I have personally welcomed to be added to our team.

The dedication to projects and the quality of their products make them stand out in a playful scene that is full of talent.

Their arrival will allow us to be even more ambitious in our plans for the present and the future, with the expansion of our lines dedicated to role-playing games and based on stories to tell.

These are the words of Francesco Nepitello, current head of the RPG development team at CMON.

The distribution of the products created by Two Little Mice under the CMON label will be in Italy by Raven Distribution.

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