Code Quantum: the reboot is a success, other episodes are ordered

The Code Quantum reboot was not really expected. The series produced by the NBC network has acquired cult status and is still viewed without displeasure, thanks to its good-natured atmosphere and its inventiveness. Quantum Code 2022 seems to have managed to capture some of that spirit, as additional episodes have been ordered.

The announcement of the reboot of Code Quantum surprised more than one nostalgic for this revolutionary series in its time. Quantum Code 2022 launches a team of scientists into the time machine invented by Professor Sam Beckett in the 90s. The storyline seems to appeal to viewers, since the series is currently the favorite of the public in the United States. That’s all it took for the NBC channel to order 6 additional episodes for season 1, which already had 12.

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The broadcast of Code Quantum began on September 19 and its success is undeniable. Thirty years after the disappearance of Sam Beckett in space-time, a team of researchers led by the Professor Song relaunches the Quantum Code project. Their objective is not only to discover the secret of the operation of the particle accelerator created in 1989, but also to find its genius creator, Sam Beckett, embodied at the time by Scott Bakula.

Code Quantum 2022 season 1 will get six additional episodes

The mystery remains indeed concerning the fate of the inventor of this machine to go back in time. Is Sam, at the end of the 96th episode of the series, returned to his place or is he wandering in a purgatory condemning him to make leaps of time and to interfere in the lives of others? The last subtitle of the original series was pretty clear about our hero’s misfortune. According to the screenwriters, “Dr. Sam Beckett had never returned home“. If Dr. Ben Song’s new team is looking for him, it is very unlikely that he will appear, at least not in the guise of the original actor.

While an appearance by Scott Bakula in the new Quantum Code was initially planned, the latter set the record straight on Twitter: “I have no connection with the new show, either in front of or behind the cameras [mais] I have always carried this series in my heart”. Although Code Quantum has become a cult series, the actor now has other professional priorities and favors his family life.

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