These are the corners of London that appear in Ted Lasso

Where the Ted Lasso series is filmed

Ted Lasso is one of the great series of Apple TV +, a production that is now in its second season and has garnered a lot of awards recently. The latter is something that really does not surprise us, because from chapter one of the first season the main character, played by Jason Sudeikis, quickly catches you with that particular joy that he gives off. Even in the second season it continues to do so, even though the tone changes slightly.

In case you haven’t seen anything or very little yet, Ted Lasso is a comedy series which is about a football coach who is hired to lead a football team of the other type in London without even having a clue of the rules. The reason? Well, you will have to see the series to know why such a signing. Because we are not going to tell you, what we will tell you is where the series is recorded.

The series is set in London since he signed for one of the many teams that exist in the English capital. To be exact, in Richmond. This suburban town is located in the southwest of London and is part of the Richmond upon Thames borough itself.

Well, although there are many locations that you can visit if you travel there, it must also be said that most of the program is recorded in the West London Film Studios facilities in Hillingdon, London. All indoor scenes, such as lectures or those that take place in the club offices, are recorded there for logical reasons.

However, there are another good handful of places that are part of the real life of the residents of Richmond and these are the ones that we are going to tell you about. So that if one day you decide to go to London and want to visit them. So, as Ted Lasso himself would say, let’s get to it compis.

Ted Lasso’s Richmond Stadium

If you want to go to Ted’s team stadium, the Nelson Road, then you must go to Selhurst Park Stadium. This is in the Croydon district of South London and in real life is where the Crystal Palace Football Club plays.

Of course that is the place of the official matches, training is at Hayes & Yeading United Football Club. That training ground is at Hillingdon. And both this and the previous one are so real that you can visit them if you travel there.

Ted Lasso’s Training Ground and Stadium on Google Maps

You can see both fields on Google Maps and take advantage of the different views in case you want to browse a bit.

Ted Lasso’s house

In the same way that many travel to London to meet and take photos at the door where the Prime Minister lives or where another great character from literature and the world of television and film did, Sherlock Holmes, you can also visit the place where I saw Ted Lasso.

Logically you will visit the street and the portal that would give access to your house or apartment, but the interior scenes are recorded in a studio. It is also exciting.

The Crown & Anchor, Ted Lasso’s pub

There are many scenes where Ted Lasso and other members of the crew can be seen having a pint in a classic English pub. This one in the series is called The Crown & AnchorBut in real life it’s The Prince’s Head and it’s located at 28 The Green, Richmond.

The shopping street

In one of the episodes of the second season, Rebecca can be seen walking with her goddaughter through a street full of shops. These are usually common destinations for any tourist. If, in addition, you are a fan of Ted Lasso, you should not miss the one that the owner of the club visits with the intention of buying a doll and which is located on Church Street.

Wembley Stadium

If there is an emblematic place in London for any football lover, that is undoubtedly the wembley stadium. There, not only mythical matches in the history of the beautiful game have been played, there have also been concerts that will always be remembered as elle Queen among many others.

Ted Lasso is where they play the FA Cup semi-finals and the starting point of one of the most striking chapters of the second season. It is worth visiting from the outside and even the inside.

Goodison Park Stadium

What else could be seen in a soccer series? Exactly, soccer states. In the first season one of the important games is against Everton Football Club and they do it in Liverpool. Well, for the recording of the game they were not going to travel that much, so they decided convert Craven Cottage Stadium into Goodison Park Stadium.

In this way, the field of Fullham Football Club is the one that is transformed into that of Everton. But if you want to go visit the real one, you can.

Tower bridge

One of the most emblematic places in London could not be missing in a series like Ted Lasso: the Tower bridge o Tower Bridge. This appears in the first episode, as soon as Ted arrives and to the city. So, whether or not you are a fan of the series, it is the place you cannot miss.

Rivoli Ballroom

In episode 4 of the first season there is a charity gala for underprivileged children. This is held in a royal ballroom, the Rivoli Ballroom in Brockley. You will like to visit the place and not only because of Ted Lasso, scenes from other films such as The Avengers have also been recorded there.

Ted Lasso and his corners in London

As you can see, there are many iconic corners of the Ted Lasso series that you can visit if you travel to the UK capital, but there is more. For example, it is in Richmond Green, the beautiful park near Ted’s house or others used in different scenes or moments in the series. So now you know compi, make your list if you travel and enjoy the stay. Oh if you can, also try Ted’s Pasta Cookies, Fish & Chips, and a nice pint. Tea and sparkling water can be omitted if, like Ted, it doesn’t appeal to you.

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