Colossal Cave is back thanks to Roberta Williams, do you know her?

There are names that belong to the very history of video games, to their beginnings, and that served at the time to prop up a new type of leisure email that came to every home to stay. Now, we have in our hands one of those lifelong references that has been brought to life by a true legend of the industry: colossal cave and Roberta Williams, what more could you ask for?

The Soul of Sierra Online

As we tell you, there are names of video games that live within the collective imagination and of which few can say that they were there when they were launched. In the case of Colossal Cave Adventure it probably doesn’t sound too much to youbut if The Original Adventurewhich was the title that came to Spain from one of the first releases in history, back in 1976. A conversational adventure, as they were called then, where there were no graphics and all the descriptions and orders to the game had to be done through texts that were read as if it were a book.

Well, that same story has been covered countless times, adapted, rethought and now completely reimagined by one of the greatest glories that the graphic adventure genre has given us since the 80s. No more. no less than Roberta Williams, soul of Sierra Online, and Ken Williams, to whom we owe games as extraordinary as those king quest, Police Quest, Space Quest, Dr. Brain’s Castle, Leisure Suit Larry, EcoQuest and a long list of wonders that came to rival the almighty LucasArts.

The point is that Roberta has wrapped the blanket around her head and has created colossal cavewhich you have since January 19 available for both PC and Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and mobile phones, so you will have no excuse to revisit one of the most recognized adventures in history.

notice before use

Now, the joy that floods many of us who live in the era of The Original Adventure For being able to return to the classic -with some things more than renewed-, it does not mean that we should warn that it is very possible that the vast majority of players think that it seems like a half-baked title. The game respects the development of the original, except that replacing the text descriptions with graphics more clear and evident and, furthermore, scrupulously respecting that development in which there were few things to do.

This leads us to warn you that It is an old-fashioned game, with mechanics that are several decades old and that it has not been sweetened so that the new generations can get on that bandwagon easily. Only those of us who have spent hours writing texts in an 80s conversational adventure (including adaptations of The Original Adventure) we know the potential of a concept that, transferred as it is to 2023, can creak and not convince. Hence the assessments that it is taking and that are not positive at all.

So remember that if you dare to revisit this classic made by Roberta Williams (and Ken Williams): colossal cavethat is to say The Original Adventurestill a rough experience and not suitable for all adventurers, especially those who have grown up with the point and click. And this is so because this game is another story. It’s the dean.

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