Common Sports Betting Strategies

It becomes easier to get additional income if a person has been following a certain sport for a long time. In this case, he is well acquainted with the rules, as well as the state of the teams and the readiness for the new season. It remains only to choose a bookmaker whose services look preferable in several aspects.

The Linebet bookmaker has been operating on the international market for a short time, but it already offers a high-quality service to its users. Players can take advantage of high odds and wide limits when betting on sports. You can take part in the next bet using the official website or if the Linebet apk download to your smartphone. The application is easy to navigate, as it was developed taking into account the preferences of the mobile audience.

Beginning of work2019
LicenseCuracao, 8048/JAZ2016-053
Sports disciplinesFootball, cricket, esports, basketball
Welcome Bonusavailable
Payment systemsElectronic wallets, bank cards, transfers

The bookmaker offers to receive high-quality support in the online chat format at any convenient time. Players can receive various bonuses to fill their accounts with money faster.

What strategies should be used while betting on sports?

We should immediately discuss several aspects that affect the subsequent betting process. It is impossible to bet with 100% certainty. Players always need to consider the possibility that the outcome will not win, so betting on a large part of the bankroll will not be the best solution. The same applies to bets that are made with a minimum coefficient, for example, 1.1. Yes, the probability of losing with such quotes will be low, but it remains.

The word “strategy” usually means complex and lengthy calculations, so beginners often consciously refuse to use strategies. In reality, sports tactics are more like a combination of principles that have been formulated through their own experience in betting. A good strategy will help reduce the likelihood that a player will lose a large part of the bankroll.

Catching up strategy in sports betting

This is one of the most famous strategies that the Linebet app allows you to apply. Its basic principle is to double the amount of the bet after each case when the bet did not work. For example, a player placed a bet of 1,000 rupees on the victory of the second team, which lost the match. The next bet should be 2000 rupees. Even if luck is again against the player, he bets 4,000 rupees. Winning at the last bet, the client of the bookmaker returns all previously lost funds.

For a Linebet bet within this strategy to work, players need to choose outcomes with odds of 2.00 or higher. The initial bet will depend on the size of the bankroll. The streak of bad luck can have a different length, so you need to provide for the possibility of making at least 5-7 unsuccessful bets.

Alternative catch-up strategy

To make more variable bets, bettors should pay attention to the odds, possible losses, and target profit. The alternative catch-up formula is as follows: (Current loss + Target profit) / (Coefficient – 1). It remains only to calculate the optimal profit and, by it, make a bet.

Quarter betting strategy

Using the Linebet apk, players can bet on sports such as:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • hockey;
  • tennis.

One strategy involves betting in quarters. Experienced betters can guess in this catch-up strategy, the elements of which are present in it. The bet is placed on an outsider in one of the quarters. Here it is important to pay attention to how the match goes. If the odds are very low or high, then you can additionally use a handicap. If you lose, you need to double your bet and bet on the next quarter. You need to repeat the action until the bet wins.

When betting within the framework of this strategy, you can always use the advice of experienced players. The latter recommends choosing teams for betting that do not have a long series of losses in quarters. Statistical information on the Internet allows you to easily check the moment.

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