Companies and freelancers improve their online visibility thanks to Semrush and Wix

The SaaS platform for managing online visibility and content marketing, semrushhas joined wix, dedicated to the creation, management and growth of online presence, in order to help improve the online visibility of millions of companies, freelancers and liberal professionals. The agreement also affects Internet users around the world who, without generating content for professional purposes, seek to optimize the positioning of their personal web pages.

The integration of Wix with Semrush offers its users the possibility of knowing which are the terms that are bringing the most traffic to the sites at each moment and in each place in the world.

This knowledge is key when design an SEO positioning strategy that serves both large companies, SMEs, freelancers, liberal professionals and individuals alike to appear better positioned in search engine results and comply with their digital marketing strategies.

Thanks to Semrush’s global database of over 21 billion keywords, the integration will allow users to easily find the most relevant and effective keywords for their website, without leaving the Wix platform. Wix users will be able to access Semrush SEO metrics, such as search intent or keyword difficulty. The tool will be part of Wix SEO Setup, a solution to guide Wix users through the process of setting up their website for SEO and getting their site indexed in Google, with actionable steps and educational resources.

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«Our mission has always been to help businesses and marketers have a unified platform to grow their website’s visibility on search engines.“, it states Nati Elimelech, Head of SEO at Wix. “With this integration, we are taking another remarkable step in democratizing SEO, by enabling our users to do better research, choose the right keywords and topics to focus on for their content strategy, right from their dashboard. . We are committed to making SEO more accessible to everyone and helping our users make better decisions that impact their organic growth.”

«Leveraging Semrush’s keyword databases and metrics, Wix gives users the tools they need to find smart opportunities and improve their ranking on Google. Organic search traffic is incredibly valuable, so the new partnership with Wix can help grow their users’ businesses.”it states Marcus Tober, SVP of Business Solutions at Semrush. «It’s time for business owners to efficiently manage their website’s online marketing, and platforms like Wix and Semrush can help them do that.”

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