a chewable horror movie comes out this friday

Disney + will broadcast this Friday, a romantic comedy with a bit of gore. Sebastian Stan goes to the table again.

Since its launch, Disney+ has made it a point of honor to respect the line of conduct by only offering family or even childish content. However, the arrival of Star in January 2021 has redistributed the cards a little, allowing the platform to broadcast more mature productions.

It is under this label that we were able to discover the latest productions from the American platform Hulu, such as Only Murders in the Building or more recently Pam & Tommy. But this time, Disney + puts the cursor even further, by unveiling its new feature film, halfway between romantic comedy and horror film. A provocative story according to the words of producer Kevin Messick.

The story follows Noa, a young woman exhausted by a string of dates with men she met on dating apps. As she prepares to give up, the young woman meets Steve. After a first date, she falls under the spell of this very attractive man and agrees to go with him for a romantic weekend. She will quickly discover that her new lover has an insatiable appetite.

A romantic comedy with bite

In the script, we find a regular of the genre. Lauryn Kahn notably wrote the screenplay for Ibiza, a romance broadcast on Netflix in 2020. This time, she adds a more horrifying tone, with a certain dose of gore. A way for her to address the insecurity that women can experience in this kind of situation.

“I wrote FRESH to talk about what women go through daily and the subconscious way we operate in the world. I think it’s a subject that men are not really aware of. These little things and the way we always assess the danger, I wanted to exploit that”.

The screenwriter also finds a producer she knows well: Adam McKay. The director of Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial had already produced his previous feature film: Ibiza.

Sebastian Stan has the fangs

In the casting, Disney calls on a star who seems to have become a must on its platform. Whereas Pam & Tommy is not over yet, Sebastian Stan (Falcon and the Winter Soldier) is given the lead role. During an interview, the actor explains that he extensively researched the role, with experts in serial killers:

“As an actor you are a bit of a detective. You have to investigate and research because you want to understand how the character can become like this. I’ve worked with serial killer specialists. The goal was to develop a passive for the protagonist, a kind of way to better understand how he could become like this.

He will give the reply to Daisy Edgar-Jones (Gentleman Jack) who plays Noa. The actress recently made a name for herself in the series Normal Peoplebroadcast on Starzplay and available on Canal VOD in France.

To discover FRESH, see you tomorrow on Disney+. Be careful, as you can imagine, the feature film is not to be put in all hands. It is reserved for an informed public, the sensitive will have to go their way.

Discover Fresh on Disney+

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