Control the Internet traffic of your mobile in real time

Why control the speed of the network on the mobile

This is interesting for different reasons. One of them is to know if we have good Internet. We are not always connected to the best network, either by Wi-Fi or mobile dataand seeing the download or upload speed can help us identify possible problems and choose another network that may work better.

But it is also useful for control the connection. If we have a limited data plan, the more services and programs we use that consume data, the sooner it will be exhausted. Also, this will increase if the download and upload speed is very high. Think, for example, of files that you may be uploading to the Internet. In a matter of minutes you could consume enough of your rate.

On the other hand, using such an application to control the speed it can help us identify which network we are connected to. It will show us if we are connected to a 3G, 4G, etc. network. Not always a higher one will work better, although it is logically usual. But it may come in handy to choose another network if necessary.

You don’t just have to focus on the current moment, since Network Speed ​​will also record the connection in the background for as long as you have it started. This is interesting to detect possible speed peaks, cuts that may exist, etc. If you are going to move with your mobile, it could detect signal loss and problems.

How to use Network Speed ​​and control the connection

To start using Network Speed, the first thing you should do is download it. For this you can go to the official Google Play store. We always recommend installing the applications from safe, official sites, and thus avoid security problems that can compromise the devices.

After you have installed it will show you information about its use. You will see that it allows you to monitor network speed in real time, display accurate information, monitor traffic data for the last month and detailed graphs.

On the main screen you will see a real time chart. It will show you everything you are consuming at that moment. There you can see if there is any peak or if it is more or less stable. Logically that will depend on the consumption you are doing.

Network speed with Network Speed

If we go into more detail, just below the graph you can see the current speed, the maximum speed and also the type of network. For example, it will show you if you are connected by Wi-Fi, 3G network, 4G, etc. In addition, below you will see a section to know the mobile data consumption and consumption through wireless networks.

If you click on Wi-Fi or mobile data, you will enter a new screen where it will show you in detail the consumption of the last 30 days. You will be able to see what you have consumed with mobile data, Wi-Fi and also the total, in addition to the exact date. It is an interesting way to control mobile Internet consumption and thus avoid surprises on the bill.

View Internet consumption data

At the top left you will find the menu button. If you unfold it, it will show you a large number of options. For example, you will be able to see statistics of the applications, to control in more detail the consumption of each program, network traffic, network connections, carry out a speed test, etc.

Network Speed ​​Menu

At any time you can reset data that you have stored. If, for example, you do not want to keep the information of the last 30 days because you have changed your SIM card, you can hit Restart data and it will start from scratch.

On the other hand, at the top right you will find the settings button. There you will be able to configure if you want it to appear in the notification bar, use a floating widget, units of measurement, usage control… Basically you will be able to modify the parameters according to your interests and thus use the application better. They are simple settings.

Network Speed ​​Settings

The app works in the background

After setting up the application, it will continue to run on background. It can be there continuously recording data on your Internet connection, consumption, speed, how you use the different applications connected to the network, etc. You will always see the icon in the top bar, with a counter that will show consumption in real time.

The most interesting thing about it staying in the background is that you will always be able to see the real-time consumption. For example if you start to download a file, put a video on YouTube or anything that consumes a lot, you will see that the score begins to increase. You can always enter the application and see all the detailed data.

If at any given time you want to close the program and stop it from recording data, you simply have to click on the menu on the left and hit Exit. From that moment on, the program will close and will stop recording that information. You can open it again at any time.


In short, Network Speed ​​is an interesting program that you can use on Android to control the consumption and speed of your connection. It allows you to record data on the use you have and stores it for 30 days so that you can enter at any time and compare consumption or keep track.

However, the program has certain points that could be improved. One of them is that it would be nice if it included the possibility of setting a consumption limit and cutting the connection once it is exceeded. In this way we would avoid exhausting the data rate if we start downloading large files, for example.

For the rest, this is a simple application that has the basics to have information about monthly data consumption. You will be able to better manage your mobile network and know when you have consumed more, the amount on Wi-Fi or mobile networks.

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