Could they hack your smart lock and break into your home?

The home automation offers many advantages that we can apply in our homes. We can make use of many types of devices and very different. However, a common problem, something that sometimes causes concern, is security. Could you hack a smart lock and enter our house? At the end of the day it is one more device that we have connected. In this article we are going to talk about it.

Are smart doors reliable?

The first thing you should know is that the digital locks They are reliable devices. They are made precisely for that, to protect our home or any place. It has data encryption that will allow the information we enter to be protected and that it cannot be duplicated by a third party and enter.

You may be wondering if there is a possibility that intercept the information that we sent to open the door. We could think of something similar to stealing information through a public Wi-Fi network. But you must bear in mind that this data is encrypted and uses a guarantee software for it.

Nevertheless, not all smart locks are created equal. Some work through a number panel, where you basically put a code to enter. Others, on the other hand, you can open them by bringing your mobile closer or putting your fingerprint. In all these cases there is a security encryption to prevent them from intercepting that information. The most insecure would be the numeric keypad, since guessing would come into play there and enter any number to try to enter.

It is also important to know that these digital locks are designed to last a long time. They are not easily damaged. For example, in case of rain or extreme temperature they will not stop working. They also do not use corrosive materials and are designed to work for many years without problems.

Detect an open door

Battery or light problem

A question that also comes up on occasion is what happens if the lock stays no light or battery. Could hackers take advantage and enter there? The truth is that this type of lock contemplates possible blackouts. There may be a problem with the supply and you don’t have electricity at home. That does not mean that you cannot enter your home or that you have to go out and leave the door open.

These digital locks have a integrated battery. That means that they will be able to work even if you lose power at home. Yes, they may lose smart functions, such as access from the mobile to some functions that need a Wi-Fi connection, since they will not receive Internet. But you can still enter the house.

In addition, some models that work directly with batteries will launch warnings when they start to run out of charge. This way you can load it. Likewise, they always have an alternative option to access, such as spare USB keys, in case there is a problem.

Therefore, as you can see, smart locks are very secure. They are designed to be really hard to hack. Think that they are used in all types of buildings, in addition to private homes. They use systems created specifically so that security is the basis of everything.

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