Crayon uses Teldat’s monitoring and diagnostic tools to expand its services

Crayon Holdings has decided use Telda’s network monitoring and diagnostic toolst, a Spanish company specializing in the design, manufacture and distribution of communication solutions to reinforce its service absolute IT BAC (Business Advisory Consulting), an analytical tool designed to identify the challenges that companies face in their cloud migration and management. By adding Teldat tools, Crayon will make your cloud migration solution more versatile and powerful.

Teldat will also be able to offer its clients this Crayon service. Also the rest of the company’s services that are in its integral platform of absolute IT services. This aims to advise companies on the comprehensive management of their software assets and cloud resources, so that they can get the most out of their IT spending.

One of the Teldat tools that they will be able to use in Crayon thanks to this collaboration is the platform be.Analyzer, responsible for network monitoring and diagnosis. At Crayon, they will use it to analyze the communications needs associated with cloud migration, and to provide information on bandwidth consumption, network congestion detection, application use, and the necessary sizing.

As for the Crayon absolut IT BAC consulting service, its objective is to offer a roadmap, a qualified team, project direction and management, and investment optimization, for which it divides operations into three phases. The first, Discovery, includes conducting technical interviews and studying solutions, requirements and dependencies. All with the aim of planning a joint vision of the required service.

The second, Assessment, includes the study of the data collected during the first phase, and the preparation of a draft with the bases of the business in the cloud that the client needs. By last, alignment, the third, deals with the design of a cloud model that integrates layers of policies, infrastructure and client operator according to the company’s needs in terms of technology. It also includes the requirements for business continuity, security and user profiles. Among them, the bandwidth consumption of applications in the cloud, based on Teldat’s Analyzer.

Jose Manuel Bernal, Crayon Service Directorhas pointed out that «Teldat’s technology allows us to achieve maximum knowledge of network traffic and the use of applications to offer our clients a Vision of the Cloud that takes into account all business levels. The agreement with Teldat perfectly exemplifies our collaboration strategy with our partners. Working together we can design a more complete proposal with greater value for our clients’ business. It is a win-win scenario that increases our competitiveness and that of our partners, and that also represents a clear benefit for the organizations we target«.

Sergio Peleato, CBO Cloud of Teldatfor his part, highlighted that «Teldat and Crayon are a perfect match to promote and implement our software solutions even faster; We look forward to this new and exciting Alliance«.

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