create your letter to the Three Wise Men or Santa Claus with these Word templates

Since the end of November, toy store catalogs have been circulating in most homes where children live. Some include a sample letter for the Three Wise Men and Santa Claus so that the little ones can use it and thus make it easier for parents to find out what they really want and avoid wasting time looking for all the toys they need. has noted in the catalogue. However, the type of paper used by these catalogs not intended for easy typing on it and less with a pencil. This problem has a very simple solution through Word.

Word, like PowerPoint, offers us a large number of templates to create the perfect Christmas card. But, in addition, in the case of Word, it also includes a large number of templates that we can print so that the little ones in the house write the letter to the Three Kings or Santa Claus or even to both independently. All the available templates are fully editable so that we can adjust it to our needs by changing what we don’t like, personalizing it with our children’s names, adding new images.

The main advantage of using editable Word templates is that we can edit them easily without using an image editor or using already created documents available on the internet that may contain macros that hide any type of malware that can infect our computer.

Word templates to write the letter to Santa Claus

Word includes a large number of templates natively, however, those that are aimed at the Christmas season are not available in the application itself, so we must carry out an online search from the application itself. To access the templates to create gift cards, the first thing to do, once we have opened the application, is to go to New and, in the right column, place ourselves in the text box Find templates online and write the term “Christmas” without the quotation marks.

Then all the christmas templates available via online in thumbnail. To download and start using any of these templates, we just have to click twice to open it in Word and check if it meets our needs. If this is not the case, click on File – New again and carry out the same operation until we find the template that we like the most.

Magi Letter Santa Claus Word

For edit any part of the text we just have to select it with the mouse and write what we want to show in its place. If we want to add a new image, we must do it through the Insert ribbon or by dragging it towards the document to place it where we want it, modifying its position in the text. We can also remove the included images if we don’t like them or we can add or remove the columns that we don’t consider necessary. Finally, we must save the document on our computer and print several copies since, most likely, just one will not be enough.

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