The trick that power companies don’t want you to know to save big

If you aim to pay less in the electricity bill, there is a very useful trick that you can keep in mind. From the OCU they assure that we can save money that can be important per year. We are going to tell you what you should look at and why it is very easy to pay less. Sometimes we pay more than what really corresponds to us and we are not aware of it, partly because the electric companies do not make it easy for people who are not very informed to make this change.

Lowering the power helps save

A part of what you pay for the electricity bill is the contracted power. It is usually 3.7 kW, 4.6 kW or 5.75 kW, although there are cases in which we hire less or even more. But the important point is that according to the OCU, for every kW that we lower power we can save about €40 per year. If by mistake you have 2 kW more than you need contracted, you could save €80.

The information of the hired potency it comes on the bill. You can also see the peak that you have consumed in the last year. The problem is that in many cases that peak doesn’t really correspond to what you need. Perhaps at a specific moment you consumed more, for example if you have several electrical appliances on and you put the microwave on for even 1 minute. That does not mean that the light is going to go out, since there is a margin that you will be able to exceed for a while.

Therefore, if you analyze your invoice and see that you really do not need that many contracted kW, you could save money. It is true that we are talking about €3 per month for each kW, but after a year it is around €40. If you also have more than 1 kW to spare, you could save even more.

simple procedure

power down it is a simple procedure. It is enough to physically go to the electricity company, make a phone call or even through its mobile application. There you can select what power you want to contract. It is possible that you need much less than what you contracted one day.

Also, keep in mind that you can hire a peak and valley power. If you don’t consume the same amount throughout the day, you could save money by lowering the power at peak times, for example. You can play a little with the use you give to electricity and see how it is convenient for you to have the contracted rate and be able to save money.

Of course, it is important that you know that lowering and raising the power has a cost. Therefore, you must be very sure that it is really in your interest to lower the power, so that you do not have to increase it again in a few months and pay money for it. You can analyze your bills well and see if you really exceed that peak or not. In addition, you should take into account if you are going to buy a new appliance that can consume more, for example.

As you can see, simply adjust power to what you really need you could save about €40 a year for each kW. It is important that you review how much you have contracted and see if you can lower it. You can always use home automation to save energy, although it is important that Wi-Fi networks appear well.

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