Cryptid: Urban Legends coming with Playagame Edizioni

New mysterious monsters to find are coming to our tables soon: Playagame Editions confirmed the Italian localization of Cryptid: Urban Legends, the board game just announced by the original publisher Osprey Games.

What do they prepare us in the publishing house of Flamme Rouge and Monki? Well, let’s take a look at it together!

Cryptid: Urban Legends coming with Playagame Edizioni

Cryptid was one of the most talked about board games of 2019; we still remember the long lines to grab the few copies in Italian at the Playagame stand during the Modena Play two years ago. In short, it is a deductive game, in which the aim is to be able to find the position of the Cryptid, a mysterious cousin of the Lockness monster, on a map with hexagonal tiles. To do this, each player has a clue, the ability to ask other players questions and explorations.

It is a really interesting title, officially for 2 to 5 players; unfortunately, the two-player mode requires already very experienced players to be able to be entered.

Cryptid: Urban Legends, in addition to a new city setting, is instead designed specifically for 2 players. One of the two takes the role of the cryptozoologist, while the other will be the monster to hunt. Ruth Veevers And Hal Duncan have developed this title precisely to meet the needs of those who want to enjoy an intense game of Cryptid but without having a third cryptozoologist at the table.

Playagame Edizioni confirmed, through a comment on Facebook, that the Italian edition should be available in the spring of next year.

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