Current Apple Watch straps will be incompatible with the Apple Watch Series 7

The worst of the fears may occur regarding the change in size in the Apple Watch series 7 box. There was talk that the current straps would be compatible, but it seems According to the latest rumors, that will not be the case. Since the leak of the new sizes of what may be the new Apple Watch, there has been a lot of speculation on this issue. In fact, straps with the new sizes have begun to be seen but we believed that they would be compatible. But it seems that it will not be so.

Ever since Apple analyst Uncle Pan suggested that the 7 series would come in 41mm and 45mm sizes, many of us wondered if the current straps would be compatible with the new sizes. At the bottom it is only 1 mm and it does not have to affect where the straps are hooked, but rather it would affect the screen. Even Gurman warned that we would have new larger spheres. Everything seemed to presage that the current straps would be valid.

However, it seems that this will not be the case. A new rumor filter filter Max Weinbach states that We will have to buy new straps apart from the one I already bring. There is no one that understands him. Really. At this stage, the next step will be to sell the watch without a strap so that you can buy the one you want. Why wouldn’t you understand? Well, this is not understood either, at least I do not understand it.

“For what it’s worth, I’ve heard from an Apple store clerk that are no longer receiving 40 / 44mm bands and they hope that the new Apple watch will use different bands that will not be compatible with old watches ยป

At the moment it’s just a rumor. But unfortunately and knowing Apple, it can be very true. Let’s wait for the September event to see what good Tim Cook and company come up with.

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