CYL-HUB León will hold its innovation days on May 5 and 6

The international hub of innovation and technological entrepreneurship of Castilla y León celebrates its first provincial event in León with two conferences aimed at young people, startups, innovative SMEs, freelancers, women entrepreneurs, corporations, investors and public administrations.

The CYL-HUB project has been subsidized with 1,342,280 euros by the Junta de Castilla y León and channeled through the Next Generation funds of the European Union. With the support of the City Council, the sessions are designed to stimulate and promote innovation and technological and social entrepreneurship, with the aim of promote and give visibility to the Leonese ecosystem at a regional and national level, connecting you primarily with corporations, investors, and the media.

The event will be held on May 5 and 6 at the University of León and the Palacio de Exposiciones de León, respectively. The Provincial Council of León, the Government Subdelegation in León and the Institute for Business Competitiveness of Castilla y León join the event as a collaborating institution.

The sessions will be inaugurated by the mayor of the León City Council, Jose Antonio Diez; the rector of the University of León, Juan Francisco Garcia; the president of the Diputación de León, Eduardo Moran; the sub-delegate of the Government, Faustino Sanchez; the president of CEL (Lions Business Circle), Julio Cesar Alvarez and the CEO of Startup Olé and director of the CYL-HUB projectEmilio Corchado.

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Activities May 5

On the 5th there will be activities aimed at promotion of talent and entrepreneurial culture, and all of them will take place on the university campus of the University of León. One of the main activities of the day will be an inspirational talk by Rodrigo del Prado, Co-founder of the company BQ, who will be interviewed by the famous journalist and presenter of RTVE, Juanma Romero.

In addition, the event’s agenda will include a wide range of activities such as a Hackathon organized by the company roams, which aims to identify talent and generate employment. Another activity is a workshop for children by Genyus School, which will organize activities aimed at the little ones, in order to promote entrepreneurship from the base and the development of social skills through games and dynamics.

At the event there will be round tables that will address different topics such as entrepreneurial culture. On the other hand, Dani Pérez, Founder of TalentÁrea and Conexión Tierrina, will present the new Conexión Tierrina project, an initiative to promote the return of professionals to the province of León.

Juanma Romero, RTVE presenter, will give a talk on “How to achieve greater visibility in the media at zero cost”. During the event there will be different mentoring sessions, one on the first steps to undertake by Félix López, SEK Lab EdTech Accelerator Director, another given by the ONCE Foundation and a third by SECOT.

The first day of the event will also have two masterclasses, one on how to go from idea phase to startup, by Prudencio Herrero, General Director of Foro de Consejeros, and another on how to create a nationally successful startup from scratch, by Eduardo Delgado, CEO of Roams.

Activities May 6

Regarding the activities on May 6, they will take place at the Palacio de Congresos y Exposiciones de León and will be aimed at professionals from the entrepreneurial ecosystem, where there will be startups fair, pitch competition, business rounds between startups and investors and round tables related to the five transversal axes of the CYL-HUB project, such as job creation, ecological transition, social and territorial cohesion, digitization and gender equality.

In addition, one of the round tables will address the specialization of the main sectors and technologies that define the entrepreneurial ecosystem of León and will be moderated by the Junta de Castilla y León. Another of the sessions will address both the current and future state of the Leonese ecosystem, with speakers representing ILDEFE, ALETIC, CEL or the University of León, among others.

The conference will feature a very interesting round table on investment called “How to be a business angel and not die trying”, which will be made up of José María Baños, CEO of Letslaw, Yolanda Díaz, Founding Partner of Idea Be Hubs, Jaime Biel, Managing Director at Faraday, Karel Escobar, CEO of Back Fund, and as moderator, the business angel René de Jong .

This same day there will be a very special space “On the sofa with Juanma Romero”, in which the journalist and presenter of RTVE, Juanma Romero, will advise entrepreneurs, completely free of charge, on communication issues. Finally, the talk “Fire Side Chat” will also be held by Jesús González Nieto-Márquez, Managing Director of BME Growth, Antonio Fernández, CEO of Biomar and Javier González, representative of Telice, moderated by the renowned journalist Juanma Romero, presenter of RTVE.

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