D-Link DAP-X2810 configuration options with Nuclias Connect

He D-Link DAP-X2810 professional Wi-Fi access point It is an equipment that can be managed through the firmware in standalone mode, however, the most normal thing when we have two or more WiFi access points is to manage them centrally through a WiFi controller, either by hardware or software. In the case of the DAP-X2810 it can be managed with Nucleas Connect, both in its hardware version with the D-Link DNH-100, as well as through the software for PC or server of Nuclias itself. If you want to know all the options that we are going to be able to use with this AP, then you have all the details.

What configuration options are available

This professional Wi-Fi 6 access point is centrally managed from Nuclias Connect, the local platform for the management, administration and monitoring of access points to the manufacturer’s DAP range. We must remember that D-Link also has Nuclias Cloud equipment, where we will have management, administration and monitoring directly in the manufacturer’s cloud, so we will have the possibility of having an overview of various networks and sites that we have configured.

With Nuclias Connect managing this access point, we will have all these advanced configurations at our disposal:

  • Create multiple SSIDs with different advanced configurations, such as choosing WPA-Personal or WPA-Enterprise authentication, it also allows WPA2 or WPA3 among other configurations.
  • Set up band-steering In order to have the same SSID for two WiFi frequency bands, the AP will pass us from one band to another dynamically.
  • configure VLANs in tagged mode in the LAN port, to later assign the VLANs in untagged mode in the different SSIDs that we will be able to configure.
  • Bandwidth Optimizationconfiguring a bandwidth limiter per SSID or band, based on different options available.
  • RF optimization so that it automatically chooses the best WiFi channel and automatically adjusts the WiFi transmission power.
  • Schedule the ignition and shutdown of the different SSIDs that we have configured.
  • Adjust device parameterssuch as changing the password, enabling Telnet or SSH, disabling status LEDs, and much more.
  • Advanced configuration of the different WiFi frequency bands, both in signal strength and Guard Interval among other advanced parameters.
  • Wi-Fi partition to isolate clients of the same SSID, we can prevent them from communicating to isolate them from each other. It allows us to configure the behavior for each SSID that we have registered.
  • we also have a roaming support to kick out WiFi clients that are too far from the WiFi access point. In addition, we can also enable the Airtime Fairness function and even band-steering (it is mandatory to have an SSID with the same authentication in both frequency bands).

Other options that we have available in Nuclias Connect, is the possibility of update the firmware of all APs centrally from the controller itself, to save us a lot of time and not have to go device by device. We will also be able to configure a captive portal, the MAC filtering by SSID which can be different, and we even have the option of configuring a payment gateway.

A new feature is the Fast Roaming that they have incorporated into firmware of D-Link DAP-X2850 and DAP-X2810 access pointsThis allows us to move from one AP to another in a completely transparent and fast way. It is very important to have the latest version of Nuclias Connect, either in the DNH or in its software version. One of the requirements to activate it is that we must have WPA2-Personal authentication, it is not possible to activate this feature with the WPA2/WPA3-Enterprise versions. By activating this option we can see that WiFi roaming is done very quickly.

In the following video you can see all the options available in Nuclias Connect of the DNH-100 from the manufacturer D-Link, you will also be able to see the specific options of the centrally controlled AP, such as the possibility of changing the WiFi channel on demand, the broadcast power and even see which WiFi clients are currently connected:

As you can see, Nuclias Connect is a very interesting solution for centrally manage our WiFi access points from the DAP range, but we can also centrally manage the DGS-1210 family switches. Depending on where you want to have the controller, you can choose to have it on dedicated hardware like the DNH-100 (which is what we recommend, due to price, energy consumption and because it works really well) or on a PC/server with Windows or Linux.

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