D-Link M32 EAGLE PRO AIAX3200, Wi-Fi Mesh at 3,200 Mbps

The company D-Link has presented the M32 EAGLE PRO AIAX3200 Mesh Wi-Fi kita high-performance solution compatible with Wi-Fi 6 that is available in two versions, the M32-2 that includes a total of two nodes and the M32-3 that, as its name suggests, includes a total of three nodes.

This new solution from the Taiwanese firm can work both in neutral router mode plus extenders or directly as extenders, and They are compatible with the router of any operator, which means that we will have nothing to worry about at the support level. The installation and configuration process is also very simple, and they are integrated into the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI ecosystem.

The M32 EAGLE PRO AIAX3200 use a slim horizontal format, a design that is ideal for integrating high-gain antennas in a 4×4 configuration, capable of working in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, and can reach a maximum speed of 3,200 Mbps.

As expected, they have all the optimizations of the Wi-Fi 6 standard, they integrate dynamic frequency selection (DFS), which allows the use of additional channels in the 5 GHz spectrum to minimize congestion, and they can create a mesh network that uses AI to intelligently prioritize traffic depending on the use we are making of our network.

We can also connect to them by cable, thanks to their Gigabit LAN and Gigabit WAN ports, and as we anticipate, they integrate perfectly into the D-Link EAGLE PRO AI ecosystem, both at the hardware and software level. The advanced AI engine used by the D-Link M32 EAGLE PRO AIAX3200 offers a series of advantages that deserve individual mention:

  • AI Mesh Optimizer adds to traditional mesh systems learning the position of each node or access point to improve signal performance between them and better focus on connected devices.
  • AI Wi-Fi Optimizer scans the RF spectrum and channels to connect devices to the least crowded channels, a significant advantage over standard systems.
  • AI Traffic Optimizer monitor connected devices and their demand for bandwidth (streaming, online gaming, video conferencing) to adjust prioritization intelligently with advanced QoS.
  • AI Parental Controls is a parental control that allows you to manage, by device, connection time and Internet access times.
  • Free D-Link EAGLE PRO AI app for iOS/Android, the brain of the ecosystem, offers complete and advanced control of the network and all devices are installed, configured and managed from the application.

D-Link EAGLE PRO AI ecosystem also offers encryption 128-bit WPA3 Wi-Fi, It allows you to create a Wi-Fi Guest Zone to share our connection in a safe and controlled way and is compatible with voice control through Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. With this kit we will have it very easy to create a properly protected and secure Wi-Fi network.

The new D-Link M32 EAGLE PRO AIAX3200 are available at a price of 267 euros for the two-unit kit and 390 euros for the three-node kit.

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