Dell Technologies Forum 2021: the best is yet to come

A new year, but the same challenge for Dell Technologies Forum 2021: opening the window of technological opportunities to partners and customers in environments such as multicloud, Edge, 5G or IT as a service. An appointment that takes place next, Wednesday, December 1 virtually and seeks to prepare partners for what is to come. For this, it will have an exhibition area, more than 30 presentations and an exclusive session for partners.

The Spanish edition of the Dell Technologies Forum is preparing to talk about three main thematic areas: the future of IT, the future of the workplace and the future of data. The digital age is already the present and with it, it is necessary to understand what are the latest trends in the IT sector and what solutions are making the transformation of organizations a reality.

The event will have the collaboration of Intel and Microsoft, AMD and VMware To which they will add company spokespersons, experts and clients to give a voice to the wave of digital transformation that we are experiencing. The plenary session of the Dell Technologies Forum will be presented by Mago More and will be attended by Michael Dell, president and CEO of Dell Technologies, and Ricardo Labarga, general director of the company in Spain.

The appointment will also have a exclusive session for your partners, who are playing a decisive role in transforming organizations. In this session, which will take place from 11:30 in the morning and open only to Dell Technologies partners, the evolution of organizations in different sectors of activity will be analyzed and how they can offer the correct solutions to address the current challenges of each market.

The contents of the general program of Dell Technologies Forum are organized in three main blocks:

  • The future of IT. How to approach a multicloud strategy or how to carry out deployments from the cloud to the edge to achieve greater efficiency, will be, together with the company’s hyperconvergence and storage devices -Dell EMC VxRail and PowerFlex-, key contents in this block. In this “APEX” section, the company’s as-a-Service proposal will be the main protagonist. With infrastructure as a service in data centers, co-location facilities, or the edge, organizations can address their digital transformation processes quickly, easily, and securely.
  • The future of the workplace. The new work environment is defined by smart offices and workspaces that need the right tools to help employees stay engaged and increase productivity. In this block, Dell Technologies will show how it is imperative to prioritize a comprehensive ecosystem of smart collaboration tools and devices designed to facilitate effective and secure communication between remote and on-premises employees.
  • The future of data. Data is the basis for achieving a competitive advantage and artificial intelligence makes it possible to have new analysis techniques that allow generating income and improving company processes. This section will cover, among other things, how to use advanced analysis techniques thanks to artificial intelligence, how to properly manage all workloads and anywhere, how to get value from unstructured data or how to protect data and recover from a cyber attack.

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