DHL scam: beware, hackers pretend to be the delivery service to empty your bank account

A new parcel scam is going around right now. To lure their victim into the trap, the hackers created a site imitating that of DHL in order to supposedly solve a problem of delivery. After a short discussion, a chatbot then asks for the user’s bank details.

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Parcel scams are becoming more and more numerous and are claiming more and more victims. Deliveries are fertile ground for hackers, who show great ingenuity in inventing pretexts and extracting money from their target. Whether it’s paying fake customs fees, or even reprogramming fees, there’s always a reason to get out your credit card.

A new scam this time targets DHL customers and is particularly well put together. It all starts with an email sent to the victim informing him that a problem has occurred during the delivery of his package. By clicking on the link, it is then redirected to a site that perfectly imitates that of the company. Above, she is greeted by a chatbot who claims to help her solve the problem.

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Beware of this DHL scam claiming that your delivery has a problem

This is where the scam turns out to be vicious, as the chatbot takes its time before asking for sensitive information. At first, he will pretend to ask questions related to the delivery and, once the victim’s trust is won, he asks for the login details and then, possibly, the details of his bank card.

If unfortunately the victim is fooled, the site displays a so-called security system to verify that the card is valid. Then, the victim must generate a one-time password, without it being possible to receive an SMS to validate the transaction. In reality, any set of numbers works. If the process is completed, the hacker then has the bank details of his target.

Source : TechRadar

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