Diablo Immortal is completely broken on Samsung smartphones with an Exynos chip

Since its launch, Diablo Immortal has encountered many problems, particularly on Samsung smartphones equipped with an Exynos processor. Many of these suffer from numerous graphical bugs, whether it’s artifacts that appear suddenly or textures that simply refuse to display. Problems that we have also witnessed in the editorial staff.

Credits: Blizzard

Bad times for gamers with a Samsung smartphone powered by an Exynos chip. While this one is known to generally do less well than its rival Snapdragon, the launch of Diablo: Immortal does not help restore its image. Indeed, the latest opus in Blizzard’s cult saga, intended primarily for mobile gamers, meets many problems with the processor.

This is reported by several users on a Reddit thread dedicated to the technical issues encountered. It would seem that Samsung smartphones under Exynos are particularly affected by the phenomenon. On the program, several amusements ranging unexpected graphical artifacts with textures that simply refuse to display on the screen. In writing, we ourselves were able to witness these bugs.

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Samsung smartphones running Exynos can’t run Diablo Immortal

While we shot the game on a Galaxy S22 Ultra, we found a framerate stuck at 30 FPS when it does not drop suddenly, pseveral graphic glitches Thus crashes leading to complete shutdown of the app. Unsurprisingly, none of these concerns showed up on the Tab S8, which is equipped with a Snapdragon processor. It is therefore all smartphones under Exynos, of any generation, which are subject to these bugs.

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Thereby, even the most recent models are victims of these bugs, yet worthy of the oldest smartphones. Blizzard has already spoken on the subject and promises to quickly deploy a corrective patch. At the moment, no temporary solution seems to be available. The situation is such that the developer would consider block game download on the smartphones concerned.

Source : Reddit

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