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Features and devices of this professional alarm

The central equipment of this professional alarm is the «Central Station«Currently we have a total of four models of receiving centers, depending on our needs and our budget, we can buy one or the other. This central station is the most important part of the alarm, because it will be the “brain” of the entire alarm system from where it will notify us that some kind of problem has occurred. We have each and every one of the Ajax Systems devices available in two colors, black and white, we can combine these colors as we wish, for example, we can buy the central receiving station in white and the motion detector in black. The Ajax Systems receiving centers are as follows:

  • Hub 2 Plus: It is the most advanced central station, and the one that we are going to test thoroughly in RedesZone. This control panel supports Internet connectivity via Ethernet, WiFi and has two slots to insert SIM cards with 2G / 3G and 4G / LTE coverage, to always have connectivity and to notify us if there is an alarm jump. This control panel supports video transmission and detectors with photo capture. It is priced at € 529.
  • Hub 2: This central station has Ethernet and 2G connectivity through a SIM card slot, it also supports video transmission and detectors with photo capture. It has a price of € 255.
  • Hub Plus: This central station supports connectivity via Ethernet, WiFi and 2G / 3G, but it does not support detectors with photo capture, but it does support video transmission. It is priced at € 333.
  • Hub: It is the most basic central station, it has Ethernet and 2G connectivity, it supports video transmission. It is priced at € 163.

Thanks to the Ajax Systems app, we can install, manage and administer the professional alarm easily and quickly from anywhere, it has a really intuitive graphical interface, and dozens of advanced configuration options.

Ajax Security System

Ajax Security System
Ajax Security System

Ajax Systems currently has a large number of devices for security inside the home and also outside the home, below, we are going to indicate each and every one of the devices organized by categories.

Security inside the home

This security company has several motion detectors and sensors, depending on the characteristics we need or our budget, we can choose some modules or others. The most noteworthy are the following, we put in bold the ones we have in RedesZone to analyze them in detail.

  • MotionCam: it is a motion detector that allows us to take burst photographs to check intrusion.
  • MotionProtect: it is a basic motion detector that allows detecting if there is movement in the room where we place it.
  • MotionProtect Plus: it is the same as the previous one, but this device does not react to the air flow of the air conditioning or fireplace, reducing false positives.
  • CombiProtect: it is capable of detecting movement and also glass breakage.
  • MotionProtect Curtain: it is capable of detecting movement at a very low angle, it is capable of monitoring activity on a 15-meter line.
  • DoorProtect: is a door and window opening detector.
  • DoorProtect Plus: it is a door and window opening detector, it adds a vibration detector and a tilt sensor to the “normal” model.
  • GlassProtect: is a glass break detector.

As you can see, we have a large number of detectors and sensors to maintain security within our home. Now we are going to see all the devices we have to monitor our house from the outside.

Security outside the home

If you have a house with a patio or garden, you may also want to check the security of the area outside your house. To successfully perform this task, Ajax Systems has different devices in order to protect these external areas.

  • DualCurtain Outdoor: it is a narrow angle bidirectional motion detector, it can be adjusted laterally, it is capable of monitoring activity within a line of 30 meters. Being outdoor, it has an IP54 certification against dust and water.
  • MotionCam Outdoor: it is a motion detector that allows us to take burst photos to check intrusion. This device detects movement in an area of ​​up to 175 square meters, has IP55 certification against dust and water.
  • MotionProtect Outdoor: it is a motion detector, this device detects movement in an area of ​​up to 175 square meters, has IP55 certification against dust and water.

Of course, a professional alarm cannot be without sirens, both indoors and outdoors, in order to acoustically warn us that there has been an intrusion into our home. We currently have all these sirens:

  • HomeSiren: This siren is indoor and really small, it allows the connection of an additional LED light if necessary. It allows an adjustable volume from 81 to 105 dB at a distance of 1 m.
  • StreetSiren: This siren is outdoor, has a system status LED indicator and allows an adjustable volume from 85dB to 113dB.
  • StreenSiren DoubleCheck: this model is like the previous one, but has a front panel with a clip lock closure and a place to print the brand of the security company that installs it.

Once we have seen all the available sirens, we are going to see the rest of the interesting devices for a professional alarm.

Other featured devices

Ajax not only provides security against intrusions, but also security against a possible fire or flood in our home. In this way, we have different really interesting devices that will allow us to have our home under control.

  • Smoke detectors: we have two models, FireProtect which is a smoke detector and temperature detector, and we also have FireProtect Plus which adds carbon monoxide detection.

  • Flood detector: LeaksProtect It is a small device that we will place on the ground to detect possible floods, in addition, it also notifies if the surface has dried.
  • Smart plugs and relays: Ajax has a «Socket»Which is a small size and wireless smart plug, supports the possibility of working together with other Ajax devices through« scenarios », and allows monitoring of energy consumption. Other similar devices are WallSwitch and Relay for the automation of our home.

Once we’ve seen other featured devices, let’s talk about the controls for arming and disarming the Ajax alarm.

Controls to arm and disarm the alarm

One of the most important parts of a professional alarm is how to set the alarm and how to disarm it. Ajax has several devices to carry out this task, the most interesting are the “keyboards” that are placed in our home to arm the alarm when we leave the house, and disarm it when we arrive.

  • KeyPad: it is a totally wireless and tactile keyboard, it allows us to arm and disarm the alarm easily and quickly, by entering the corresponding code. We can also activate the alarm silently by entering a duress code. It has an anti-sabotage system (like the rest of the devices) and also a system that blocks the keyboard if we enter the wrong password several times.
  • KeyPad Plus: this wireless keyboard is compatible with contactless encrypted cards and key fobs, in order to disarm the alarm without the need to enter any type of code. It incorporates the same features as KeyPad.

As for other accessories to manage the alarm, we have the «Pass» card, which is a contactless security card, allows working with up to 13 hubs simultaneously and allows access for guests. We also have a “Tag” which is a contactless security control key fob, it also allows working with up to 13 hubs and guest access. If you are interested in these devices, you will need to buy the “KeyPad Plus” in order to use them.

Other devices are «DoubleButton» which is a totally wireless panic button, if we press both buttons at the same time the alarm will go off. We also have the «Button» which is the typical panic button to set off the alarm. Finally we have the «SpaceControl»Which is a wireless control key, allows us to arm and disarm the alarm, set it to night mode and even incorporates the panic button.

We recommend you visit all the Ajax Systems products on its official website, where you will find all the details.

Unboxing and first impressions of this professional alarm

The manufacturer Ajax Systems has sent us a professional alarm system to analyze it in detail, they have sent us the following devices to configure a totally professional alarm system in our home: Hub 2 Plus, MotionCam, DoorProtect, FireProtect, LeaksProtect, HomeSiren, SpaceControl , Keypad and Socket. Thanks to all these devices we will be able to cover the main areas of our home, all managed centrally by Hub 2 Plus, the most complete and powerful receiving center that Ajax currently has.

In the video that you can see below, you will be able to see in detail all these devices that we have to configure a complete professional alarm, we will explain both the main characteristics of each of the devices, as well as all the content of each of the boxes, and Ajax has incorporated a small brochure to all devices with a summary of the main technical characteristics. We will also have the complete wall or ceiling mounting kits of the different devices, in this way, we can directly install the different detectors, the central station or the KeyPad on the wall, as well as the FireProtect (smoke and temperature detector) in the roof of our home. Finally, we show you what the device is like and how it is disassembled to access the different connectors, the power button of the device in question, and also the QR code that will allow us to install it with the app available for Android and iOS.

Soon in RedesZone we are going to offer you a complete analysis where you can see the entire alarm system in action, and you will also have another video showing each and every one of the professional alarm system configuration options.

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