Discover the secret functions of Bing

The artificial intelligence that supports the new Bing It is proving to be tremendously useful and very reliable. for many queries. It is true that on occasion it has given erroneous or strange answers, but as a general rule, and thanks to its policy of citing the sources on which it has relied, for now it seems that the experience of the testing phase is turning out to be most positive, and that the final result aims to be an absolute success.

However, some users have proposed to explore the operation and functions of Bing beyond what was initially planned by Microsoft. This was already indicated by the company itself when, as a result of some somewhat strange responses from the chatbot, it decided to limit the duration of each conversation to a maximum of five queries, a limit that was later raised to six and which, During the last hours, it has increased again, at least for some users, up to eight queries per conversation.

It might seem that these users intend to “break” the chatbot, looking for errors in it, but the truth is that this type of test is tremendously positive, since at the same time they allow these problems to be detected and that Microsoft can correct them, and in some cases they can find hidden features that range from fun to very interesting, including some that are a bit wacky. These functions are usually not documented, but it is enough to do a bit of exploring to find them.

Thus, in recent days some hidden functions of the new Bing have appeared that are very interesting, let’s see some of them:

Bing, artist with ASCII

If there’s something I didn’t expect from a chatbot, it’s that it had artistic aspirations, but of course, this is a world that never ceases to amaze us. So if you ask the new Bing to create an ASCII Art version of what you ask, it will do its best to accommodate your request. Unfortunately, we are faced with a case of a lot of attitude but little aptitude, since their designs are… let’s say they could be improved. Of course, if you tell it that the result has not been satisfactory, it will try again as many times as necessary (up to a maximum of eight queries per conversation, of course).

Discover the secret functions of Bing

Bing, the new Deep Blue?

It’s not that it has a chessboard graphical interface (although a third-party implementation of one will surely appear soon), but some users have discovered that Bing is able to play a game of chess using algebraic notation ( you know, that gibberish of letters and numbers). So, I wonder if he would be able to take on Deep Blue, the IBM system that was able to beat Gary Kasparov.

Discover the secret functions of Bing

The Carlos Latre of artificial intelligence

Can you imagine an AI imitating celebrities? Well, the truth is that the new Bing knows how to do it… or well, he knows how to do it more or less, since since we are talking about a chatbot, he obviously only imitates his style with regard to the text. From Morgan Freeman to Shakira. All you have to do is ask him to use the “Celebrity” mode and he will surprise you with his ability to put himself in the shoes of the most varied personalities.

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