Disney + joins the price increase and will be more expensive from today

Although we had already heard some rumors regarding the possible Disney+ price hikeit has not been until now when it has been possible to confirm and it is that the streaming platform has already communicated to its clients that the price will increase from February 23ie from today. The platform has also told its customers how much they will have to pay when renewing the subscription.

In the year 2021, Disney+ added to its platform Star, which means that the catalog was greatly expanded with great series and movies and, therefore, also the price. This new signing included a rise in the fee price, but this has not been applied so far. At the time of landing in Spain, the promotional price of the annual subscription was €59.99while the price for the monthly subscription was €6.99a price that has been maintained until now.

This is what we will have to pay to have Disney + now

As of today, February 23, 2022, the new price of Disney + will be 8.99 euros for monthly subscribers and 89.90 euros for annualwhich means that the price increase is 2 and 20 euros respectively, a significant amount, especially for those who renew annually.

This price increase was announced last year of 2021, specifically in the month of August, but until now this increase has not been made effective, something really strange since streaming platforms usually make these increases immediately and do not wait half year to do it.

Disney + has justified this price increase to the inclusion of a wider range of content through the incorporation of Star, something that is totally true since, since then, more than 40 television series and 250 movies have been added. In addition, some of the platform’s most classic series have been incorporated, such as Grey’s Anatomy or other original productions.

Now, the question to all of this is, Is it really worth the subscription to Disney +? It all depends on what you actually use the platform for. If you are one of those who only uses it to watch one series or movie a year, obviously, the annual subscription, for example, is not for you. In these cases in which you only want to watch a specific series (or a movie), it is best to pay a monthly subscription, which would be 2 euros more than what has been paying for a few years.

Now, if you are one of those who have been hooked on Disney + all day, obviously, it will be worth it. It is true that there will be 20 euros more per year, in The case of the annual subscription, but if you end up writing off that money, it will be well spent.

In addition, we must remember that many Marvel premieres await us this year on Disney +, so it is very possible that betting on the platform is not a bad idea, is it not?

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