Do not be fooled; do not use this type of cloud on your mobile to save files

Using the cloud is very common to store files, have backups and be able to exchange documents between devices. In recent times there has been a significant boom in mobile devices, since we use them much more for day to day. Now, is any cloud that we use safe? The truth is that no. Therefore, in this article we are going to tell you what you should avoid when use the cloud on your mobile.

The objective is avoid security problems. If you use a storage service that is not secure, your personal data may be exposed. You are going to have problems that affect the privacy of your data, the files may end up in the wrong hands or some malware may sneak in to control the device.

When to avoid using the cloud

if you want to keep well protected your files and for your device to work well, it is essential to avoid using the cloud on certain occasions. There are mainly two cases that are the ones we are going to mention. It is quite common and for this reason we want to launch an alert so that you do not make this mistake.

Pages without references

The first mistake is to use pages without references, unknown, of which you cannot find information on the Internet. There are many websites that allow you to upload files and share them with other people. You simply host whatever content and you can generate a link for another person to access.

The problem is that, in many cases, these pages they don’t use good encryption. They are unreliable and anything you upload can be exposed. The content could end up in the wrong hands, you could lose it if that service closes, viruses could sneak into your account files and many other problems.

Therefore, our advice is that you carefully review these types of pages where you are going to host content. Do not use those that are not known, of which you cannot find information on the net. Whenever you do a search on Google, you should find a lot of data related to that platform and the feedback from other users.

unofficial programs

You should also be very careful about the programs you install. It is key to have official applications, that are safe. If you install software from untrusted sources, the files you upload to the cloud could be compromised. You don’t really know who might be behind that service, if there are vulnerabilities, etc.

But beyond installing the programs from official and secure sources, it is very important that you have them updated. With this you can correct security flaws that may exist. If there is a vulnerability, attackers could exploit it and gain access to your documents. Therefore, always keep everything updated.

Our advice is to always go to the official page of the cloud platform and download the application there. Failing that, you can use reliable application stores, such as Google Play. You should never download software from sites that are not known and trustworthy.

As you can see, these are the two main errors when using the cloud on mobile. It is very important that you maintain security and avoid making mistakes, since your privacy can be compromised. You can always detect if you are being spied on with your mobile and take measures to protect your accounts.

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