do not have them together at home or your WiFi will go bad

If you want to have a stable Internet connection, with good speed and adequate quality that allows you to navigate without problems, it is key to control what can cause interference. When we talk about WifiWithout a doubt there are factors that can affect a lot. There are certain devices that should not be kept near the devices that use the WiFi network, be it a router, a computer, a mobile phone, etc. We are going to explain to you which are the main ones and that you can take note.

The goal is none other than avoid the dreaded interference. You may notice that the connection does not work well at times or that there are areas of your house where the WiFi directly does not go or is cut off. This can be due to different reasons, but one of them is having certain devices nearby that can cause conflicts.

Devices that you should move away from WiFi

These devices that we are going to mention, you should get as far away from WiFi as possible. Do not put the router near them, since they are incompatible. Nor are you going to put a computer, television or any device that you are going to connect to the WiFi network. You might notice cuts and problems when the two of you are around.

Bluetooth devices

A clear example of devices that are incompatible with each other, so as not to have problems with WiFi, are those that use Bluetooth and the devices that you are going to connect to the wireless network. For example, don’t put bluetooth speakers next to the router, to the WiFi receiver of your computer, television or any other.

Why are they incompatible? Bluetooth uses the 2.4 GHz frequency to work, just like WiFi. That can cause problems, since interference appears. You might notice that the connection starts to go bad, drops or you have problems connecting devices.


Something similar happens with the microwave. It is true that this device is not always working, but every time you turn it on you can have problems. You will notice that the WiFi network starts to go worse if you have the microwave near the router or any wireless receiver to connect to the network. Be careful not to put a repeater in the kitchen, near this appliance.

It also works on the 2.4 GHz frequency. When it’s on, when you go to heat food, you’re going to experience problems. You might notice that the connection starts to go bad, with continuous cuts and failures.

Wireless phone

Cordless phones, which are common to have at home near the router or devices such as the television, could also generate conflicts. It is not a good idea to have them together, since you may notice problems in the connection and you would have to find a way to solve them to be able to surf the net well.

Again, these devices will work on the 2.4 GHz frequency. Some models work on the 5 GHz frequency. That can lead to problems if you put it close to the router. That conflict is going to make the wireless network work worse and you think that the reason is that the signal does not reach well.

In short, as you see these devices you should move them away from each other. The goal is to have a good Wi-Fi connection, that there are no interferences and usual failures. You can always create WiFi heat maps and see the areas where the signal reaches the best and where you should install a repeater to improve it.

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