Do not miss out on this offer and get Microsoft 365 almost half

The office software sector has not stopped growing in recent years, both at a business and domestic level. Here we find a multitude of productivity suites that will be very helpful, although now we will focus on one of the most popular, Microsoft 365 that you can now purchase at offer.

Here we focus on a suite that was previously known as Office 365 and that includes all the firm’s programs that we will need for these tasks. In fact, the applications that are part of this set could be considered as one of the most used globally in the world. As you may have already guessed, software solutions from the power of Microsoft Word come into play here, Excel, Access or Powerpoint among other.

In this way and as part of a single office suite, we will have everything we need to meet the needs of both home and business users. Perhaps one of the differentiating points of this proposal compared to others on the market such as LibreOffice, is that this alternative is paid.

Choose Microsoft 365 over Office

Therefore, if we want to enjoy all these programs that we have mentioned and their corresponding services, we will have to make a disbursement. but how could it be otherwise, the software giant tries to make things easier for us in this sense. For precisely that we can use the solution Microsoft 365, since we will not have to pay the license that we paid when acquiring Office.

To give you an idea, this is a method by which we rent the use of the office suite for a certain time. In this way the outlay is much lower and we will only pay for the time we need to use these programs. In addition, here we find why we have the possibility of subscribing to this service for a single team or for several.

However, as usual, sometimes certain offers appear that we should not miss, as is the case at hand. We are getting closer to the acquaintance Black friday, then now Amazon presents us with an interesting offer in this regard.

Do not miss this offer of the office suite on Amazon

Specifically, we refer to an interesting offer that you can take advantage of from this same link in the online store and with which you can save 47% compared to its original price. As you can imagine, here we are going to find a subscription to Microsoft 365. It includes the aforementioned programs and some more.

Specifically, it is a subscription for one year that we can use up to in six teams different. To all this, we have to add the fact that the applications that are part of the suite can be used on multiple devices and platforms such as Windows, macOS, iOS or Android. All this for just over 50 euros, which represents a significant saving compared to the original price of the set.

Therefore, if you are thinking of acquiring a subscription to Microsoft 365 soon, you should not miss this opportunity. More if we take into account that the duration of this is very limited in terms of time.

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