Do not pay more than this amount to use the cloud

Use the cloud to share files, create backups or free up space is very common. We have both free and paid options. However, the former have more limitations and in many cases we need to hire a service in order to have more space. Now, what is the price we must pay? In this article we are going to talk about it and show from what amount it starts to be expensive and you should not pay more.

Right price to use the cloud

Logically, we must bear in mind that not all services will offer the same. That is, not everyone has the same capacity. Hiring 500 GB is not the same as hiring 5 TB, for example. There may also be services that offer greater protection, the possibility or not of creating automatic backups, etc. One of the best options we have today is the pClouda service that allows us to buy cloud storage once, without the need for a monthly or annual subscription, you pay only once, and allows us to have a large amount of storage.

If we think about the right price to use the cloud and hire 1TB, which is common, we can say that there are services from 4-5 euros. The normal thing is to pay between those 4-5 and a maximum of 10-12 euros for 1 TB per month. You will find offers ranging from €50 per year. However, we are showing quite cheap prices there, since the most common is between €75 and €90 for 1 TB for a whole year.

Regarding the next level, which would be 2TB, the thing does not change in excess. You can find options ranging from 8-10 euros per month. If you contract it for a whole year, you can find some offers but the monthly average is usually not less than that amount.

Therefore, we can say that from 12 euros for 1 TB per month it is already starting to be expensive. If we move it to 2 TB, from about 20-24 euros it is already above normal. This is when we could start talking about an expensive cloud service and it will be better to use another option, since there are really many alternatives on the Internet.

It is important to choose the cloud service

Now, it is essential to correctly choose the cloud storage service that we are going to contract. A key point is to choose a reliable servicethat it correctly encrypts the files and that it does not expose personal information when sharing documents on the network with other users.

You can also take into account if it is compatible with different operating systems or not. For example, it is useful that you can use an application on the mobile and also on the computer. In this way you will be able to transfer files from one device to another or be able to consult any document that you have saved without problems.

On the other hand, the available size is going to be another factor to take into account. Do you need 1TB or is 100GB enough? There you can have a significant price difference and maybe you don’t need to have so much space and you don’t really use it. That will help you save money or be able to opt for a differential service that has a feature that interests you. You can also see the differences between private cloud and NAS server to see what interests you the most.

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