Do you have a PS5? This will be your new virtual reality glasses

Virtual reality on the console came to us in the previous generation on PS4 with the PlayStation VR. With a rather moderate success, although SONY does not give up and is going to try again with the PS VR for PS5 about which we have been able to learn new details. Let’s see what they are and what they will contribute to Virtual Reality from our PS5.

New details of the PSVR for PS5

Through Bloomberg we have been able to know new details of the PS VR for PS5, which are in addition to those that the company already confirmed a few months ago. The information that the prestigious medium has been able to obtain? SONY would have managed to secure a consignment of Samsung OLED panels with a resolution of 4000 x 2040 pixels, which represents a resolution increase of four times more pixels compared to the original PS VR and a significant improvement in image quality.

A higher resolution screen is not the only news leaked by Bloomberg, since according to the medium, the PS VR for PS5 will support what we call Foveated Rendering, which is based on sensors that track the fovea of ​​the eye and therefore render the scene from the position our eyes are looking at. We have already seen this technology applied as an accessibility system for disabled people. Its inclusion in PS VR for PS5 does not surprise us since SONY published several patents related to the same subject.

The third detail does not take us so by surprise, since it is something that we already sensed and is that the new controller, which was presented a few weeks ago, could incorporate the same haptic feedback technologies as the DualSense. Its release date? According to Bloomberg We shouldn’t expect the new PS VR for PS5 before 2022.

What did we already know about virtual reality on PS5?


To the new information leaked by Bloomberg we have to add the official information that SONY gave in February about the PSVR for PS5. In the first place, SONY will abandon tracking based on fixed or outside-in cameras to adopt tracking from the HMD unit itself through the inclusion of cameras in it. In other words, the same tracking system used by the most advanced HMDs for PCs. Which would also bring the implementation of Augmented Reality.

The second novelty is the use of the USB-C connection of the console, which would also serve the console as a video cable as it is of the Alt-DP type. Which is a significant reduction in the amount of cables compared to the original PS VR for PS4. This also assumes that future PSVR will not be compatible with PS4 lacking this type of port. Although we also have to take into account that the previous generation SONY console does not have enough power to move VR games with 4K image quality.

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