Do you have an Outlook or Hotmail account? So you can get to your mail

Outlook App Add Account

This will open a new window where we must enter the Hotmail or Outlook email address that we want to visit and click on the button Connect.

Outlook app email address

Then another window appears where we must enter password corresponding to the account.

Outlook app password

Once this is done, a message should appear informing us that the account has been successfully added, so we can start using it. To do this, click on Done and restart the application for the changes to take effect. Once started again we will have our operating account available.

Outlook app account added

Access via web browser

Outlook has its own web service that we can access directly from our favorite browser and check our mail without using any application. This option is especially useful if we need to access the mail from a computer that is not the one we use regularly, which allows us to access the account without using any application.

To get started, simply open a web browser and visit the Outlook login page, where you’ll click the Login button.

Outlook sign in

Next, we enter our Email address. Then click on Next.

Outlook sign in with email

On the next screento write the Hotmai passwordl corresponding to the email to be able to access the account and click on Next.

outlook web password

Later, a message appears on the screen where it asks us if we want to stay logged in so you don’t have to start it again next time. This is only recommended if we access from our main computer, otherwise we mark no, since we should not leave our account on another PC available to other users.

Outlook keep me signed in

Once done, we can have access to all the information in our mail, being able to send and receive messages or make any type of adjustment in our account.

Once finished to operate with our account is recommended Sign off, for which we click on the circle in the upper right, where two letters corresponding to our name and surname appear. When doing so, a drop-down menu appears where we select Sign out to return to the Outlook home page.

Outlook sign out

Use alternative clients

We also have the possibility of accessing our Hotmail or Outlook account through the use of third-party email clients that we can use as an alternative to the Outlook application.

Mail and Calendar

In Windows it has its own email manager, designed for a both personal and professional use and being compatible with Office 365, Exchange,, Gmail and Yahoo! among other. To start it, simply use the Start menu search engine and write mail and select it.

Once it appears on the screen we run into an interface that is simple and elegant with which we can work comfortably. To add our Outlook or Hotmail account, just click on accounts, which we find in the left column. This will open a right panel where we click on add account.

Mail and calendar add account

In the pop-up window that appears, select the option

Mail and calendar Outlook account

Next, click on the section microsoft account and click Continue.

Mail and calendar Microsoft account

Next, we write our Outlook or Hotmail email address and click Next.

Mail and calendar sign in

Then we write the password and click on the button Log in.

mail and calendar write password

Once this is done, the account will be created immediately and we will have access to all the content of our Outlook or Hotmail account, being able to operate with it.

mozilla thunderbird

It is an email manager that is characterized by being free, open source and multiplatform, which offers the same features as Outlook and is free. To start using it, we can download it directly from its official website. Once installed, we start it to configure our email account.

From its main interface, click on the Account settings.

Mozilla Thunderbird account settings

This will bring up a new window, in which we click on the Account Operations drop-down menu and select Add email account.

Mozilla Thunderbird Add Mail Account

Now we start to set up our account, so we enter our name, Hotmail or Outlook email address and the corresponding password. Then click on Continue.

Mozilla Thunderbird email and password

On the next screen we must enter the IMAP or POP3 address of our account, something that the program itself will automatically recognize, so we leave it as it is and click on Done.

Mozilla Thunderbird configure IMAP

On the next page you should inform us that the account has been created correctly, so we click on Finish to finish.

Mozilla Thunderbird account created

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