First look at Microsoft Office 2024

At the beginning of the week, some screenshots of Microsoft Office 2024 were leaked and now XDA confirms that the standalone version of the suite that leads collaboration and productivity solutions is in the final stages of development, under internal testing by Microsoft employees .

Many of us thought that Office 2021 would be the last independent version of the office suite, given Microsoft’s desire to promote the cloud version. But we were wrong and everything indicates that In a few months it will launch a Microsoft Office 2024 which will meet the needs of companies and users who prefer to use the suite with local facilities, under a perpetual, one-time payment license and without mandatory subscriptions.

Nor should we lose sight of another of Microsoft’s reasons: don’t leave the road clear to the alternatives, which exist and are very good, especially what comes from LibreOffice, which has plenty of features for the vast majority of users, free and open source.

Microsoft Office 2024…continued

XDA, the world’s great alternative development ‘kitchen’, has not only located the new version, but they have managed to install it to get an early look at what we can expect. Includes the most recognizable and used applications in the suite such as the word processor, Word, the Excel spreadsheet, the PowerPoint presentations, the database, Access, and the rest of the tools that make up the productivity suite, Outlook, Project, Visio, Publisher or Teams .

Microsoft Office 2024

Office 2024 will include the latest features installed in Microsoft 365 and will not be very different in its practical execution, except for the different distribution and support, the local installation of the first and its license, independent, perpetual and with a single payment, avoiding subscriptions.

Do you want to try Microsoft Office 2024 now? They say from XDA that they have obtained the previous version from the ‘DevMain’ development channel. It is a semi-public channel intended for Microsoft’s own staff to test software before it is made available to customers. And from what they say, anyone can try it by following the method they have published on their website.

The version is preliminary, it is not recommended for end users and it does not differ too much from what the current Office 2021 LTSC offers with long-term support, although it is certain that, as we said, it will end up including the latest news from Microsoft 365. Of course, the version local is not updated like the subscription and will have its functions frozen.

The cloud version is superior. It offers a greater number of applications; better integration between them; allows storage and better collaboration; It offers all the features of the suite and is updated in both features and security quickly and conveniently. Microsoft 365 is the absolute star of the Redmond factory (above Windows), but there are still situations in which companies, students or consumers, prefer a perpetual license that allows them acquire the software paying once and have it forever.

For them it will be Microsoft Office 2024, which will be available next year for Windows and Mac in a 64-bit version (the 32-bit version is in doubt). And if you need it now, remember that from time to time we offer you authentic Windows and Office license offers.

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