Do you save on the electricity bill by turning off the RGB LEDs on your PC?

First of all, you should know that as is obvious, what we can do is an approximation, since not all devices that have RGB consume the same (for example, a keyboard does not consume the same as another), nor do we all have the same number of RGB devices on the PC. However, it is going to be able to help us to get a fairly approximate idea of ​​what we can achieve.

How much does the RGB of a PC consume?

As we have just explained, what we can do at this point is an approximation, since each product is different and the consumption of RGB will therefore be different. All in all, and given that an LED diode has a really quite low consumption, the margin of error is going to be quite small and therefore it can help us to get an idea.

We will start by informing you that in the past we have calculated how much a keyboard with and without RGB consumes with real empirical tests, and we determined that the difference between having the lighting on and off was exactly 1.07 watts, so that work is already done. Of course, it must be taken into account that a keyboard has a large number of LED diodes (more than 100), and this calculation leads us to make an average calculation that each of the RGB LED diodes used by the hardware of a PC has a consumption of approximately 0.01 watts (medium consumption).

Now we are going to make an assumption with a gaming PC that we can consider, more or less, conventional:

  • Gaming keyboard: 1.07 watts.
  • Gaming mouse: 0.3 watts.
  • The PC has a total of 5 RGB fans, each with 11 diodes: 0.55 watts.
  • Two RAM memory sticks, each with 10 diodes: 0.2 watts.
  • Two RGB strips in the box, each with 30 diodes: 0.6 watts.

This leads us to the calculation that a gaming PC with 5 RGB fans, two lighting strips, RGB RAM memory, gaming mouse and keyboard has a difference in consumption between having all the lighting on and off of about 2.72 watts. To round up and to take into account users who have more or less RGB lighting devices, we are going to take an average value of 2.75 watts of consumption.

How much will you save on the electricity bill by turning off the RGB of your equipment?

In order to calculate how much you will save on your electricity bill by turning off all the RGB lighting on your PC, it would be necessary to know what rate the company you have contracted applies to you, and this will also be different for each user. However, and since we want to do the calculation anyway, we are going to take as a reference the average value of the fixed price in a flat rate in Spain, which is a cost of €0.15 per kWh of consumption, to which if we add the VAT (21%) gives us a price of €0.1815/kWh.

Now, we must take into account another factor that influences the calculation, and that is the hours a day that you have the PC on, something that will also change from one user to another. But since we want to perform a calculation again, we are going to take as data the assumption that the PC will be on 8 hours a day.

With these data, we have a consumption of 0.022 kWh, which would mean a saving of 0.003993 Euros per day, or 0.119 Euros per month. Barely 12 cents a month It is the saving that you can expect when turning off the RGB LEDs of your PC, so as you can see, it is practically negligible. However, now that you have the data in hand, it will depend on you.

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