Doctor Strange, Marvel’s most powerful wizard

And of course, magic makes Doctor Strange one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. This is what you should know about him to be an expert.

The origin of Doctor Strange

Officially created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, it made its debut in issue 110 of the Strange Tales comic, in July 1963. However, Lee himself acknowledges in a letter that it was more of Ditko’s idea than his own and, in fact, he didn’t seem to have much faith in him when he literally wrote this:

“Steve Ditko is going to draw it. He has kind of a black magic theme. The first story is nothing to write home about, but maybe we can do something with it. It was Steve’s idea and I thought it would be nice to give it a try.”

Thus begins a Doctor Strange whose story goes back to being a boy touched by magic and destined to be Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. That will arouse, very soon, the jealousy and harassment of his archenemy, Karl Mordo.

As the movies relate, Strange is a kind of Doctor House also in the comics. Cool and self-centered, he is an expert surgeon that, in the end, he only cares that his patients pay the bill when he heals them.

A car accident leaves his hands useless and he travels to the East in search of the legendary Old Man to heal him. This will teach him about his mystical powers and will end up fulfilling his destiny. Doctor Strange becomes the Sorcerer Supremethe one in charge of defending the Earth from the many magical and mystical threats that harass it.

what are his powers

Where to start with Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange’s powers are of mystical origin. In the comics, his godparents magical are called Vishanti, a trinity of divine beings, formed by Agamotto, Hoggoth and Oshtur.

However, the powers of magic that Strange invokes have, on occasion, also had a darker nature, such as when he has drawn on demons such as Dormammu.

The point is that these magical powers, often propitiated or enhanced by mystical objects, allow you to do practically everything. From altering reality to your desire, to procuring longevity, healing and everything you expect from a magician: illusions, hypnotism, astral projection…

In addition, he has the ability to channel that black magic as well when he needs to.

Ever since Marvel opened Pandora’s box of wizardry in their universe, Strange’s powers can be nearly endless. That is demonstrated in his adventures, where he presents himself as one of the most powerful heroes, whose limits we have not yet seen.

Main differences between the Doctor Strange of the comics and the one of the MCU

doctor strange 2

The truth is that the Doctor Strange of the movies has nothing to envy of the comics. Being one of the most difficult characters to translate, they have certainly done an impeccable job and Benedict Cumberbatch is the face and manner of Strange.

However, even though he does reflect the comics character quite well, lo and behold a couple of important differences between the Doctor Strange of the comics and the Doctor Strange of the movies:

  • In the comics is much more powerful. While those powers are likely to grow in the MCU, the Strange of the movies doesn’t compare to the Strange of the comics. Able to escape from the Living Tribunal, break the spell of Mjolnir or face off against an Adam Warlock wielding the Infinity Gauntlet, the Strange of the role would give the Strange of the movies a good beating.
  • On comics is much more reserved and less given to relationships with other heroes than is the case in the movies. In these, we see a Strange more given to getting together with others, with a sarcastic charisma greater than that of the vignettes.

Some of the best moments of the character in his stories

Doctor Strange and the Avengers

Throughout the long history of Doctor Strange, we have seen him perform some feats, and live certain adventures, which give an idea of ​​​​how powerful he is.

Here is a good sample of his best moments.

  • Even though Doctor Strange has a significant relationship with The Avengers thanks to the movies, in the comics he doesn’t, but founded the Defenders: Namor, Hulk, Silver Surfer and himself. Devoted to mystical threats, they have a much stranger tone (pun intended) than the rest of super teams.
  • In one of his most curious adventures, Doctor Strange confronts Dracula. Yes, to the king of vampires. And he does it with the help of Blade and the Nightstalkers.
  • In one of his best comics, triumph and tormentdrawn by the legendary Mike Mignola, Doctor Doom makes a deal with Doctor Strange to Venture into Hell and retrieve Doom’s mother’s soul of the demonic Mephisto.
  • Doom and Strange have a long history, one of the highlights of which is that the supervillain kills our favorite wizard. Don’t worry, this is Marvel and it’s just been resurrected by Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four.
  • Loki has also been Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme and he has teamed up with Strange, to whom he ends up returning the title he has always held.
  • In a fight against Galactus, the universe is destroyed, but Strange is able to recreate it with the help of Eternity and the Living Tribunal. To give us an idea of ​​the magician’s powers and what level they are.
  • Strange dies once again in the present day. In one of the most shocking current stories, Strange is murdered in cold blood in the Sanctum Sanctorum. A time-displaced version of Strange returns to solve the crime.

As you can see, there are plenty of adventures and, although traditionally he has always been a secondary character, he has participated in some of the most important moments in Marvel mythology.

Curiosities that you did not know about Doctor Strange

Secrets of Doctor Strange

And finally, nothing better than a few secrets of the Sorcerer Supreme that only a few know.

  • In that curious relationship of “doctors” between Strange and Doom, both collaborated during the Secret Wars to try to save the multiverse. Under the name of Sheriff Strange, the magician behaves almost like a supervillainalthough, in the end, he abandons those dangerous friendships.
  • There was a previous Doctor Strange in the comics, Carlo Strangea villain who faced Hombre de Hierrodressed similarly and left just as quickly as he came, recycling the name for our favorite wizard.
  • Due to the psychedelic nature of many of his stories, matching the art of the comics, Marvel received more than one letter asking if they were the product of certain substances taken by the writers and cartoonists. The official answer was always no. It was the 60s, I don’t know what other explanation is needed.
  • Although one of his main enemies is Dormammu, in the comics, his niece, Clea, is one of his troubles loving.
  • strange was Scarlet Witch’s master in the comicsguiding her to develop her powers.

As you can see, Doctor Strange is one of the most complex and interesting characters in the Marvel Universe. The fact that his powers are mystical means that he can go toe to toe with the most powerful villains (and heroes). And, in addition, the charisma that the UCM has given him is undeniable, making him one of the most popular characters.

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