Does it make sense for your gaming keyboard to be wireless?

When you use the PC mainly for gaming, it is quite often that your peripherals are «gaming«, not only for the RGB lighting so common in this environment, but for the fact that they are products specifically designed to provide the best performance in games. Now, there are many users who are bothered by having cables in the way, and although this is more common in the mouse, what about keyboards? Is a wireless keyboard a suitable option for those who use it almost exclusively to play? In this article, we are going to talk about it.

No one doubts that wireless peripherals provide extra comfort, since having no cables around the table gives us much more freedom of movement (in addition to having a more presentable and tidy table), and this is especially noticeable in peripherals such as mouse or headphones. However, when it comes to the keyboard, it may not make much sense to be wireless… or maybe it does?

Why do you want your keyboard to be wireless?

As a general rule, there are three main peripherals that we use on the PC when playing games: headphones, mouse and keyboard. We believe that headphones are the peripheral that makes the most sense to be wireless, since in this way you will not have a cable that runs from the PC to you, often passing over your arms, not to mention when you get up and go. you forget you’re wearing them and you get a good jerk. In addition, the headphones are not that we have them on all day, so with the battery life that most devices have today, we have more than enough (and when we do not use them, we put them on charge and that’s it) ).

As for the mouse, again from our point of view it is the second peripheral that makes the most sense for it to be wireless, for the simple fact that we move it a lot on the table and, sometimes, the cable can be uncomfortable for us. In addition, wireless mice usually have a much higher autonomy than headphones, which means that we can use them for days without having to connect them to charge their battery.

Now the keyboard It’s a separate topic now. In general, the autonomy of these devices is also quite high, although not as much as that of mice in the case of gaming keyboards with lighting, since this greatly hinders their battery life without having to connect it to the current. All in all, even gaming models usually have the autonomy to keep up with us for a day or two without having to charge the battery, so that’s not too much of a problem.

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The fact is that, normally, we always have the keyboard in the same place and we do not change its position at all… if anything, we reposition it a few centimeters to accommodate the posture, but it is not the same as headphones or a mouse that we are constantly moving and the cable can bother us… on a keyboard, the cable will normally never bother.

And here comes the problem… does it make sense to have a wireless gaming keyboard? Actually, if we consider the plus that we will have to pay because it uses wireless technology (which is usually a lot), it does not rent at all compared to an equal model but with cable, since as we said, we are not going to be moving it around all the time like we do, for example, with a mouse.

Now, if we are talking about a keyboard that we carry with us everywhere as a supplement to a laptop, or if you are one of those who constantly changes places, perhaps a wireless keyboard does make sense for you. But, for games? No, usually those of us who play on PC have a desktop PC that is always in the same place, and a wireless keyboard doesn’t seem to make much sense to us.

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