Does it make sense to buy a NAS today?

In order to host content we have multiple options. Something common is to have an external hard drive and there you can store documents, photos, videos, applications… But you can also have all that available on the Internet. You can use both the cloud option and a NAS server. In this article we are going to focus on the latter. does it make sense today buy a NAS Or is it better to use an alternative?

NAS server, a good option to save files

if you wonder what is a NAS server We can say that it is a way to have your own private cloud. You will have a physical device, which is the NAS, which you will be able to access from anywhere via the Internet. There you will host files of all kinds as if it were a normal hard drive.

The question may arise as to whether it really makes sense to buy such a device today if we take into account that there are many cloud platforms. For example we can name Google Drive or Dropbox, but there are many more. Can they really be an alternative to NAS servers?

Although this will depend on each person and what they need, without a doubt we can tell you that it makes sense buy a NAS currently. Why? One clear reason is because you will have more control. You will not depend on a cloud service that does not belong to you. Even if you have an account there, the files are actually hosted on a third-party server, which could close at any time or have a problem. If you have a NAS, that is yours and you will have full control.

In addition, another reason is if we think about the Storage capacity. Cloud services are usually limited to about 15 GB when they are free, except for some specific options that may have something more. But if, for example, you need to have 1 or 2 TB, in that case you will have to pay. If you plan to use it for a long time, a NAS server is undoubtedly more cost-effective and you can also have more capacity.

Choosing the right device is key

You will have many options available, but choose well which one to buy it will be key The goal is for it to be a device with guarantees, that it works correctly and at the same time offers good storage. Think about what capacity you will need and buy one that allows you to save files without problems.

It is also essential to look at the security. After all, it is a device that will always be connected to the network. If there is a vulnerability, an attacker could exploit it to break into the NAS and steal your files. Therefore, choosing well which one to buy is going to be key.

Our advice is to look for information on the best NAS servers for your home. You can see comments from other people who use it, compare features and make sure that the model you are going to buy really meets what you expect. The goal is to buy a good product, which helps to host content in the cloud without problems.

In short, as you can see, it does make sense today to buy a NAS server. They are very useful devices to save files and have them always available on the network. They are a perfect alternative to using the cloud.

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