Don’t let them sneak into your mail! Avoid these mistakes and protect yourself

Have email security issues, it can be an important question. They could access other accounts, impersonate you, or put your devices at risk. Cyber ​​criminals can launch many attacks to steal the password and take control. For example, we can name Phishing attacks, Trojans, keyloggers… In most cases, the victim makes a mistake. Therefore, we are going to tell you what you should do to avoid problems.

To be protected on the Internet, something essential is to know the risks and know what the most common mistakes are. This gives us the adequate knowledge to know what habits we must change and thus reduce the probability of theft of the email account or any other service we use on the network.

Avoid e-mail intruders

Keep in mind that email is one of the main targets of hackers. It is, since it can act as a password manager when you forget them, you can store important files and documents or they will have access to your contact list to impersonate your identity.

Use one account for everything

A common mistake when using the mail is to use a same email account for everything. What does this mean? You will use your main account to sign in to platforms that may be unsafe, sites where you may be spammed in the future, and anything on the Internet that could be a security hazard.

The alternative, in order to reduce the risk, is to use secondary emails. You can create other accounts to register on those sites that we have mentioned that can be dangerous. You could even use disposable email accounts, which simply last for a certain amount of time and disappear. Of course, be careful with needing to receive some mail in the future, since it will never arrive.

Not protecting the email correctly

Undoubtedly, a very frequent problem on the Internet is always having the unprotected accounts. In the case of email, a basic mistake is using a bad password. The key is the main security barrier. It is what will prevent intruders. If you use a weak password, that can result in an attacker accessing your address.

Therefore, we always recommend using strong and complex passwords. It is also convenient to enable two-step authentication, something that is increasingly widespread, as well as protect systems. For the latter, install a good antivirus and make sure you always have the latest version installed.

email security

expose it too much

It is necessary to mention the error of expose the email account too much. What does this mean? For example, write in open forums and have the address appear so that anyone can see it. The same on social networks or any other platform. That will make the email address too exposed and visible.

If you expose your email address too much, it could be detected by bots. They could get hold of your address and start sending you spam emails or carrying out phishing attacks. Therefore, avoid giving them this facility.

Enter from insecure sites

The way you access mail could also be a problem. It is key that you always access from official sources, such as the web page or application of Gmail, Outlook or the platform you use. Do not enter from third-party sites, as they could be a fraud and thus steal your passwords.

Also, when logging in you must be careful if you do it from public Wi-Fi networks, such as an airport or shopping center. Check that well, since the ideal in these cases is to navigate with a VPN and be able to encrypt the connection. It is a way to avoid intruders that may be in that wireless network.

In short, these are some key errors that you must avoid so that intruders do not enter your email account. It is essential to be protected, since otherwise they will be able to access your passwords and any content that you may have stored in your email. Avoiding spam mail is also important.

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