Don’t make these mistakes when connecting to the Internet

Everything you should not do when browsing the Internet

On many occasions we connect to the Internet from unprotected devices, through networks that are not secure, with outdated programs … We can also make mistakes that put our privacy and security at risk. That is why it is convenient to know everything not to do, at least the most essential points, and thus not have problems.

Browse insecure networks without protection

One of the most common mistakes users make when connecting to the Internet is browsing from public networks without any protection. We are talking, for example, of a Wi-Fi that we can find in a shopping center, airport or any public place. We don’t really know who may be behind that network.

Our advice in these cases is to use a VPN. In this way the connection is encrypted and we will not have problems that could expose personal data. There are many programs that we have at our disposal. In addition, in case we cannot use them, it is imperative that we do not log in or send sensitive information.

Use public Wi-Fi safely

Having outdated equipment

It is also a major bug to use outdated devices to surf the Internet. Here we must include both the equipment that we use to connect (a computer or a mobile, for example), as well as the router to which we connect.

It is essential to have the latest versions. In many cases, vulnerabilities appear that can be exploited and that would put our privacy and security at risk. We must have the latest versions available at all times.

Having badly configured the router or access points

Of course we must also have the router or access point that we use to connect (a repeater or PLC device, for example) correctly configured. This is very important to avoid not only malfunction and limited performance, but also safety issues.

We need to have all this correctly configured, with all the necessary functions ready to use, as well as the different parameters that can help us maintain security. For example, it is important to know if the card has 5 GHz and to configure it properly.

Using insecure programs

One more mistake many users make is using insecure applications to navigate. We are talking mainly about the browser, which is a key program for it. If, for example, we use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, to name some of the most popular, we must make sure that they are up to date, that they do not have dangerous extensions and that they are well configured.

It is undoubtedly a very important tool for our day to day. This means that we must make use of reliable programs, which do not put our data at risk at any time. It is also one of the reasons why the Internet is slow.

Common sense mistakes

But without a doubt something that we should not overlook is the common sense. We must never make mistakes that affect the safety and proper functioning of the equipment. Here we must not only mention something in particular, but we must speak in general.

For example, it is an error to download a file or program from an unreliable page. It is also an error to download files that we receive by mail or email or to open a link without knowing if it is really something reliable or not.

Therefore, these are some questions that we must take into account. Some important mistakes to avoid when browsing the Internet. The objective is to ensure that everything works correctly, that there is no vulnerability that can be exploited by an attacker to steal our data or compromise its proper functioning.

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