Don’t Make This Mistake When Using Facebook Or You’ll Get Hacked

Making mistakes when browsing the Internet can cause our passwords, personal data to be stolen or a virus to slip into our system. It is important to keep common sense and avoid problems of this type. Now, if there is a place where we usually make mistakes, it is social networks. Therefore, we are going to talk about a mistake you should never make when using Facebook. You may be exposing your personal information and you are going to make it easier for them to hack you. We are going to give you some advice.

What can happen if you hack through social media? The first thing is that they could impersonate your identity and attack third parties. They could also steal your passwords, not only from that platform, as well as send you malicious files that could be a real problem for your network security.

Avoid bots on Facebook

The error consists in accept any contact on Facebook. That may mean that you are adding bots, which are fake users who do not have good intentions. They could be obtaining personal information to later launch more personalized Phishing attacks and use that data against you.

The bots They can send malvertising, messages containing dangerous links, and files that are actually malware. All of this can cause them to control your device, sneak in a password-stealing Trojan, or find a way to get money out of you by stealing certain bank account information.

A bot might add you with a username that actually looks like a person. However, it is a fake user They have simply created to add contacts in bulk and reach more and more people. It is one more tool for cybercriminals to take advantage of Facebook and collect data.

But why are bots adding you? Facebook is a social network that, in general, is closed only to contacts. That is, only your contacts will be able to send you private messages, see your photos or the information you upload, who you have previously added. Hackers use these fake accounts to get closer to the victim and gain more control.

Security issue on Facebook

How to avoid this problem

What can you do to avoid this problem? The most important is review very well Who do you have as a contact? If you add a user and you do not recognize it, it is best that you do not accept it. Also, you can always go to his profile and see a little more. In many cases, you’ll see that they simply have a profile picture and little else. It is a clear sign that it is a bot.

You should also have your private facebook profile. Do not allow anyone to access the information you share, or to see who you have added to your profile, what pages you follow or what your interests are. They could use all of this to, for example, launch a Phishing attack on you.

Of course, it is always good to have security programs to detect any malware entry. In case you get a virus and download it by mistake, a good antivirus will help you detect and eliminate it. It is also good to have everything updated and to be able to correct security problems that may exist.

In short, as you can see, it is important avoid adding bots to facebook. It is an error that can mean that they steal your account, sneak viruses or simply obtain personal information. All of this will put your privacy and security at risk. Detecting bots on social networks is going to be essential.

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