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Whether for study or work, it is almost always necessary to carry all kinds of personal files with you. Depending on the amount of data that we have to carry with us, it is possible that a simple pen drive will fall short and we will have to resort to an external hard drive. The problem with these is that, in general, they are slower and more delicate than pen drives, and if we are not careful we can end up breaking them. Unless, of course, we opt for an external SSD, as is the case with this SanDisk Extreme.

The solid storage drives, or SSDs, have been one of the greatest revolutions in the world of computing. Thanks to them we have been able to put aside the limitations of the heads and magnetic plates of classic hard drives and improve both the durability and resistance of these units and, above all, speed. Until recently, SSDs, especially those with an NVMe interface, have been quite expensive due to their technology. Fortunately, little by little this technology has become more and more affordable until, finally, it is within everyone’s reach.

If we are looking for a good external hard drive, which allows us to both copy and read data very quickly, and we want to forget about the damage that can be caused by bumps or splashes of water, we are in luck. One of the best, the SanDisk Extremehas a limited time discount of 41%.

Offer on the external SSD SanDisk Extreme 1 TB

The SanDisk Extreme is an external hard drive that mounts inside a NVMe SSDs which gives us read speeds of 1050 MB/s and write speeds of 1000 MB/s. Extreme speeds that practically eliminate all the bottlenecks that we find when using external storage. In order to offer us this speed, SanDisk is committed to USB Type-C connectivity, although we will also have an adapter to connect it through a USB 3.0 port.

This unit has a resistant case that guarantees us the integrity of the unit in drops up to 2 meters tall, and one IP55 certification against dust and water. In addition, on the outside, we find a silicone cover that not only reinforces the protection of the unit, but also gives it a premium and luxurious finish.

The data that we save in this unit will always be equally protected, since it has in its firmware a system of AES 256-bit hardware encryption. In this way, in the event that we lose the unit, or it is stolen, no one will be able to access the information that we store there.

The standard price of this unit is 239.54 euros. But, for a limited time, we can get it with a 42% discount, staying in just 138.80 euros. In addition, we have the guarantee that it is sold and shipped by Amazon, so not only will we receive it free at home, but if we do not like it, we can return it without problems.

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