Don’t put your privacy at risk by sharing files on OneDrive

An increasing number of users over time are relying on cloud storage services. Many of those who were initially reluctant to these remote platforms, increasingly use proposals such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Drive, Box, etc.

These online services in these times are an excellent alternative to the usual USB sticks or external hard drives that we normally use. Among its many advantages we find the possibility of access these contents from any PC of the world. In addition, most of them offer us some interesting functions that allow us to synchronize files and folders or share saved content with other users.

Protection measures for files in OneDrive

The whole set offers us the possibility of carrying out actions that only a few years ago seemed almost unthinkable with our personal files. Of course, we must bear in mind that it is still a remote work through external servers where we sometimes store very sensitive information. What we want to tell you with all this is that we must always take certain precautions, as with everything related to the internet.

By this we mean that it is advisable to use strong access passwords, or not to share them with anyone. We should also avoid accessing our cloud platforms from public computers or use connections that are not private. However, when sharing our personal information with others, there are other additional sections that we must take into consideration. For example, if we focus on one of the most used proposals such as Microsoft OneDrive, we come across some cool features.

They will be very useful to us to protect as much as possible and not risk in relation to our privacy, we still need to share files or folders. For this, the OneDrive client proposes a series of very interesting functions that we should review and take into consideration.

Take care of your privacy when sharing files and folders with others

Share content from OneDrive client it’s pretty straightforward, be it a folder or a file. Here we just have to right-click on that specific content and select the Share option. This will allow us to generate a direct access link to this content, or send it by email. However, before all this we recommend you take a look at the functions available to safeguard our privacy.

The first thing we recommend here is that you deactivate the edit permissions of the files that we are going to share. On the other hand, and perhaps the most important function in this regard, is to add a security password. This avoids that all those who do not have that password, will not be able to access those shared content from OneDrive. Let’s say this is a security add-on to protect our data before sending it to other users.

Finally, we will tell you that it is also highly recommended to make use of the available function that allows us to establish a finish date. This means that when that date is reached, the content in question will no longer be available to other users. Otherwise we may forget about it and it will be exposed to the eyes of others forever.

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