Don’t you use the programs included in Windows? Try these alternatives

XnView, compatible with more than 500 formats

We are talking about a program whose functions go beyond a simple photo viewer, as it also has functions to be able to edit and organize them in a simple way. It stands out for being compatible with more than 500 image formats and incorporating very useful functions such as the possibility of cropping, changing the color and size of the images, as well as editing the metadata. There’s no lack of the ability to batch rename or size, search for duplicate images, and run photo slideshows. It is undoubtedly an ideal tool for both beginners who just want to see and organize their photos, and more advanced users who need more specific tools. XnView is a free application that we can download from this link to its official website.

Alternatives to Notepad

One of the most popular Windows programs is Notepad, your default text editor. An application widely used by many users around the world, mainly due to the fluidity it gives us in its use, in addition to the simplicity with which it has been designed. However, it is too scarce in terms of functions so we can choose these other options.

NotePad ++, programming compatible editor

This program, like the pre-installed Windows application, will be used to edit and view text files, including a greater number of functionalities. For example, we will have the possibility of working with several open text documents simultaneously thanks to its implemented tab system . In addition, its approach and use goes a step further since it can be used to edit programming code, since it is compatible with some of the most popular such as Pascal, C, C ++, Ada, Java, Perl, etc. NotePad ++ is free and we can download it from this link to its developer’s website.


DocPad, complete editor with extra functions

We are talking about a plain text editor whose mission is similar to that of Windows Notepad, although it has a complete set of tools that will allow us to save time. It has interesting utilities such as bookmarks, indentation, customizable toolbar, file backups, spell check, among others. It also has a built-in calculator, built-in character map, and calendar. In addition, its interface has tabs, which will allow us to open and edit several files at the same time. We can download DocPad for free from its website.

DocPad text editor

Replacements for the Snipping Tool

It is a tool that offers us the possibility of taking screenshots of different areas of the desktop or of a particular window. In addition, it allows us to add notes, highlight text or apply a delay when taking a capture. Similarly, there are more complete and advanced third-party applications such as the following:

ShareX, as useful as it is indispensable

Without a doubt, it is one of the best applications that we can use to take screenshots, as it has a large number of tools and functions that will greatly facilitate our work. With it, it will be possible to take full screen captures, of a part, or of an automatically detected window. In addition, it has a large number of editing tools that will allow us to draw, edit or pixelate parts of an image before saving the capture. We can even record videos or animations in GIF format from a part of the screen. ShareX is a free and open source program that we can download from this link to the website of its creators.

ShareX intersfaz de usuarios

PicPick, all-in-one tool

Another alternative to the Windows Snipping application is PicPick. It is an all-in-one tool, which together with the possibility of taking screenshots allows us to edit the image taken quickly, since it has functions such as a color selector, ruler, color palette, blackboard, etc. In addition, it is completely customizable, and it will even allow us to upload our captures to the cloud or share them on our social networks. PicPick has a portable version so it does not require installation, and it can be downloaded for free for home use from its website.

PicPick main menu

Alternatives to Disk Cleanup

The disk space cleaner application is a very simple to use tool that will allow us to see the files prior to the draft and clean everything that takes up space on the disk and that we may no longer need. As an alternative to this program we can use the following:

WizTree, all the information on the hard drive

This program focuses on showing us in a more visual and effective way all the content of our storage units, to check first-hand which applications take up the most space at all times. This will help us to know what elements we can delete to save and free up space. We will have all kinds of information, such as the different occupation percentages of each of the detected file extensions, to have everything well organized. WinzTree is a free tool that we can download from this link to its official website.

WizTree interface

TreeSize Free, know the space of each folder visually

It is an application that will help us to know the space that each folder and subfolder of the disk occupies in a fast and very visual way since it has a tree-shaped interface where it shows us all the content, whether they are folders or files. . As they appear, the space occupied by both the main folder and all its contents can be displayed and checked first-hand, so that we can get an idea of ​​which ones we can delete to free up disk space. TreeSize Free , as its name suggests, is a free program that we can download from this link to the website of its creators.

TreeSize - Space occupies Chrome

Replacements for Add or Remove Programs

The Add or Remove Programs application allows us to view all installed programs and uninstall those that we no longer need. Although it usually performs its work efficiently, it does not always succeed with the most stubborn programs and even leaves folders with leftover files on the way. As a substitute we can use these other options

HiBit Uninstaller, delete junk files and programs

It is a program that will help us to have total control over the applications that we have installed and erase all those that we do not need, as it has its own uninstallation tool. It also removes all files and programs related to the deleted application, as well as any modifications that have been made to the registry. In addition, it allows you to force the uninstallation of even the most stubborn programs and eliminate them in batches. It can even kill those that we have installed from the Microsoft Store itself. Without a doubt, a very interesting and portable application that we can download for free from its website.

HiBit Uninstaller

Bulk Crap Uninstaller, detects most applications and games

We are talking about a portable program with which we can detect all the programs not registered in the system, so that we can detect the vast majority of applications and games in order to erase them completely. Among the types of programs that it is capable of detecting are normal applications, protected or hidden software, corrupted programs without an uninstaller, portable applications, applications from the Microsoft Store, Steam games, etc. In addition, it allows us to erase several at the same time, as well as their residual files. If we want to use it, we can download Bulk Crap Uninstaller for free.

Bulk Crap Uninstaller interfaz

Alternatives to File Explorer

Windows has its own Explorer from where you can search for files and folders both within the system and on those externally connected storage devices. Although it is widely used, the truth is that the searches carried out from it are slow and unfortunately inaccurate in most cases.

Everything, light and very effective

This search engine is able to find any file that is stored on the hard disk quickly and efficiently, allowing the results obtained to be filtered, as well as updating in real time all the changes that occur in the file system. It is a very light application as it weighs just over 1 MB so it can be used on all types of computers. In addition, it allows you to save searches as favorites to have them always available and includes an HTTP server that will give us the possibility of remote searches on a network device. We can download Everything for free from the Voidtools website.

Everything menú principal

My commander, ideal for advanced users

We are talking about a small, lightweight but very powerful file browser with a wide variety of interesting features. It has a built-in search engine, jump list support, file filtering, and improved search capabilities. It also has the possibility of creating virtual folders, which allows us to save time by providing direct access to it. In addition, it has a smart delete function, which eliminates the possibility of recovering a deleted file. Therefore, we are facing an explorer aimed at advanced users. To be able to use it, just download it for free from its website.

My commander change languages

Windows Media Player substitutes

In order to enjoy all our multimedia content, Microsoft’s operating system has its own player called Windows Media Player. If we don’t like it, we can use these other options.

VLC, the most popular player

It is considered by many to be the best media player . It stands out for having support for almost all types of audio and video files, which, together with its enormous stability and reliability in its operation, make it one of the most outstanding options. It also allows the viewing of DVD, Blu-ray or 4K movies and has support for both labels and subtitles. Another possibility that it incorporates is the possibility of watching streaming videos, downloading them from YouTube and sending the signal to our television through Chromecast. VLC is a free and open source application that we can download from its developers’ website.

VLC 4.0 - New interface 6

KMPlayer, the great alternative in constant growth

This multimedia player is another of the great alternatives to Windows Media Player for which we can choose. It is characterized by being compatible with the most popular formats on the market and having its own audio and video codecs. With it it is possible to view videos in 4K and 8K resolutions, as well as in 3D, being compatible with the reproduction of subtitles. It is also a lightweight player so it hardly consumes resources and allows it to be used on any type of computer. Another function to take into account is the possibility of playing online videos through a URL link and the possibility of taking screenshots. KMPlayer is a free player that we can download from its developers’ website.

KMPlayer player

Alternatives to Windows Defender

Microsoft’s operating system has its own integrated operating system, Windows Defender, which has earned the trust of its users as a good tool for detecting viruses and malware. In the event that we do not want to use it, we can choose other options.

Karpersky Antivirus Free, reliable and safe

One of the most popular firms in commercial antivirus is Kaspersky, which also has a free version of it. It offers real-time protection against all types of viruses by analyzing web traffic, downloaded files, and email messages. It also allows us to create backup copies when burning discs and USB memories. In addition, its database is constantly updated. It also has a secure connection validator, helps to protect and store our private passwords, and a VPN to navigate safely. We can download Karpersky Antivirus Free from its official website.

Kaspersky Security Cloud antivirus gratis

Bitdefender Antivirus Free, lightweight and with extra protection

Bitdefender is another of the most important security companies, which also has a free version that provides protection against virus and malware access to our computer. It has the same security standards as other Bitdefender products such as the ICSA certification, which guarantees its quality. It stands out for being one of the lightest options in its category since it consumes few system resources. Its database is updated regularly and always in the background. In addition, it has functions to prevent web attacks through an intelligence system. If we want to use Bitdefender Antivirus Free we can download it from this link to its main web page.

, uses the same security standards as other BitDefender products, such as ICSA certification

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Substitutes for Paint

To talk about Paint is to make it one of the oldest programs of the operating system, since it has been present since its first version. It is a simple drawing application, very basic and that does not have layers or special tools. If it falls a bit short, we can opt for these other options.

Paint.NET, powerful image editor

It is a powerful as well as simple image and photo editing tool. It is characterized by an intuitive user interface that has support for layers , unlimited undo, special effects to improve and refine your images (blur, noise, emboss, red-eye removal, etc.) and a good number of additional tools that can result Of great usefulness. It also has good community support and even supports plugins to increase its number of features. We can download Paint.NET for free from its developers’ page. 4.2 image HEIC

EZ Paint, similar interface with better tools

We are talking about an application that has an appearance very similar to the original from Microsoft. Behind it is software that, along with simplicity, has been able to include a wide variety of interactive tools to use with illustrations, as well as others to draw shapes filled with outlines. It also supports both 2D and 3D textures, allowing you to combine many effects such as transparency, antialiasing and anti-aliasing for better results. If we like the design of the classic Paint, but we require more functionalities, it is an option to consider. To use it, just download it for free from its website.

EZ Paint

Alternatives to the Calculator

Talking about the Calculator is talking about one of the flagship Windows applications that has been with us for more than 30 years. Over time it has been receiving new features that for occasional use may be sufficient, but for some users it may be somewhat scarce. Instead we can choose these others.

Oficalc, complete and practical

This is a very powerful calculator so it can be ideal for more advanced users. With it we can perform all kinds of calculations , being able to choose between different types of interface. Among its characteristics, it stands out for having both exponential and arithmetic functions, constants, square root, cubic root and nth root. Nor does it lack the ability to perform statistical, trigonometric and logarithmic functions. Oficalc is free for personal use and we can download it from the website of its creators.


HEXelon MAX, powerful scientific calculator

We are talking about a scientific calculator that has the possibility of doing all kinds of operations that we cannot do with a regular calculator since we even have the possibility of using up to three at a time. With it we can solve algebra, statistics and trigonometry operations . To highlight the presence of a history of operations from where we can recover any operation carried out, something that can be of help if we constantly work with the same type of formulas. We can download HEXelon MAX for free from its website.


Task Manager replacements

Another very popular program included in Windows is the Task Manager. A tool used primarily to disable certain programs and processes in order to remove any blockage. Although it is a somewhat limited application, so we can always opt for other options.

Process Explorer, focused on process management

It is a clear alternative to Windows Task Manager this application focuses on managing system processes. It is characterized by consuming few resources and being portable, so it does not require installation to function. This tool shows us a large amount of information about each running process such as memory consumption, its icon, its disk path, the user it belongs to, security, etc. In addition, it offers us the opportunity to see the DLL libraries that have been loaded into the system. We can download Process Explorer for free by clicking on this link to the Microsoft website.

Process Explorer y VirusTotal

TaskExplorer, offers clear and detailed information

This application is capable of offering the same features as the Microsoft tool, adding a good number of additional options. Its features include the ability to monitor all running processes , view detailed information about the processes, hardware status, open connections, among others. It also stands out for a simple interface where it will show us all the data in real time. TaskExplorer is a free and open source program that we can download from its web page on GitHub.

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